In an exciting new announcement, Altadis has shared plans to introduce a new tobacco variety to the cigar market. The seed is being called “Yargüera” and features a hybrid blend of original, Cuban-seed tobacco (brought to Honduras in the ’60s) and Criollo ’98 tobacco.

Tucked between two mountains in Honduras sits a tobacco farm named Yargüera. From this farm, surrounded by history, comes a revelation from the earth called Yargüera. Yargüera is a new hybrid tobacco seed and will be leading the next wave of Honduran tobaccos and cigars for years to come.

As with may of Altadis’ high-caliber projects of late, this has been spearheaded by the company’s Grupo de Maestros, an elite collection of talented cigar craftsmen with a combined 200+ years of experience in the industry. The idea is to take the original seed, which is sweet and aromatic, though delicate and cumbersome, and combine it with the heartier Criollo ’98 seed.

After years of careful effort, they created a tobacco that contained the best qualities of each. At the end of 2013, the new seed was planted at the Yargüera farm—a landmark this new, estate-grown tobacco honors with its name.

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Altadis has not released information as to what cigars it plans to use the new tobacco on at this time.

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