The Undercrown brand came into existence thanks to the efforts of Drew Estate’s torcedores. The story goes that the torcedores were smoking way too many Liga Privada cigars and it was effecting Drew Estate’s ability to export them to us, the consumers. Therefore, the torcedores responded by blending their own line of liga. When we smoke an Undercrown, it is to remind us of the hard-working people that make up the company – they are the soul of the product. Out of the torcedores passion for craft, we have the pleasure of smoking the Undercrown Flying Pig.

The Undercrown Flying Pig was first created as an exclusive release for the Netherlands in 2012. It uses a unique vitola that Drew Estate has made in very limited quantities, only appearing on the original Liga Privada No. 9 and T52 cigars prior to the Undercrown. Because of its limited and exclusive nature, the cigar gained an elite status among enthusiasts, being one of the most rare cigars to come out of the Drew Estate factory. Fans lauded the cigar as the best UC cigar in existence, many claiming them to be even better than the legendary Liga Privada No. 9 and T52 Flying Pig cigars! The UC FP, made an appearance in the US three times before being released to the public as part of Drew Estate’s regular production lines (though still remaining fairly limited). Now that the dust has finally settled, let’s examine this alluring cigar that DE has kept so restricted until now.

Undercrown Flying Pig cigar review

Undercrown Flying Pig Breakdown

  • Wrapper: San Andrés Mexican
  • Binder: Connecticut Stalk Cut Habano
  • Filler: Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fina
  • Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate
  • Production: Limited/seasonal
  • Vitola: 3 15/16″ x 60 “Flying Pig”
  • Price: $12

Smoking Preparations

  • Atlantic Cigar Sale
  • Music choice for review: Strange Desire by Bleachers
  • Location: Iwan Ries & Co. Chicago, IL

A short, fat perfecto, finished with a large pigtail cap at the head – it’s not a cigar shape you see every day. A beautiful cigar band with a hue of blue and gold, already inviting for a wonderful experience. As I take out my cutter to cut the head, I’m always nervous to cut perfectos and belicosos due to their unique “cone” head – a good rule of thumb is to observe the lines of the head and try not to go below the round diameter that connects to the regular shape of the cigar (i.e. the cap). Cut and pre-light: Cocoa notes, mixed with a nice earthy vanilla and leather. Earth is the leading characteristic of the pre-experience.

The cigar is lit gently with a soft-flame lighter and notes of dark chocolate with a creamy profile coats the palate, these chocolate notes are delicious and remind me of chocolate-covered almonds. The Undercrown, from first light, is like any other of its Liga siblings – a smoke chimney! It just doesn’t slow down, it is one of those cigars that makes you feel proud of its unwavering results. The Undercrown has a slow, steady, even burn and a beautiful, seamless wrapper, with no blemishes. As the notes continue to develop, my palate is picking up grassy notes that we could call earthy. It is a very “of the ground” cigar, if that is even possible (then again, that’s exactly the truth). The strength is at medium right from the start.

Drew Estate Undercrown Flying Pig cigar review

The second third of Undercrown begins with soft pepper, the earthy profile is present with dark chocolate that is just plain tasty. The mouthfeel at this point is dry and the draw is open with no resistance – the smoke output is enough to overwhelm your olfactory senses, but I don’t mind it. The flavor profile isn’t complex, but it is certainly full, with core flavors of chocolate, earth, cocoa, and some leather.

I think the last third was overall my favorite experience of the cigar. I notice small hints of vanilla mixed with light pepper. The earthiness continues to lead the way with leather on the mid palate. The Undercrown requires a light touch up around the edges after the ash falls for the first time. I allow the Undercrown to cool and I’m greeted with a tasty wood profile, I really enjoyed this note and hope you do too! As I get closer to the head, the heat on the palate is a bit harsh and I decide that I have enjoyed the Undercrown Pig and place it down.

Undercrown Flying Pig review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Yes and yes, without a doubt this is for me the best vitola of the Undercrown that just works very well. It’s very interesting how different the smoking experience is from a traditional Undercrown cigar. I love it. I hope you do too.

Undercrown Flying Pig cigar review and rating

Undercrown Flying Pig
While the Undercrown isn’t too complex, it does have a range of flavors that are full and are sure to please any palate. I think next time I need to focus a little bit more on the wood and vanilla interchanging notes, the moments that I did notice them, I found them really enjoyable. Be on the lookout for this profile if you get a chance.
  • Ungodly amount of smoke
  • Fun vitola
  • Great construction
  • The mouthfeel begins creamy, but can turn dry due to the bitter qualities San Andrés wrappers can exhibit at times
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