Walking into the humidor of any shop around the world can be an overwhelming experience, especially for the novice. Even for seasoned veterans, though, as long as their palate remains adventurous, there is far too much flavor in one room to be completely sure of any decision. That’s why we all have our favorite sticks and brands and a burgeoning community full to the brim with recommendations to help guide us. But that same cedar-paneled room is exactly the reason why you haven’t heard of Mursuli Cigars.

Like the craft beer of craft beers, Mursuli Cigars brings to a rather exclusive table the robust flavors expected (but often missed) of the biggest names in the industry, without the big company baggage. Like is so true in many cases, Mursuli being no exception, it’s often the unknown that packs the biggest punch, or in this case, flavor – just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez, Shaquille O’Neil, Michael Jordan or any of the other celebrities that have asked Oscar Mursuli, the owner, to roll for them.

The familiar story of humble Cuban beginnings is true of Mursuli Cigars, and now, three generations in, they still produce a quality product with the very face of the company helping you choose which one you’d like to smoke. Mursuli Cigars has taken a grassroots approach to their business, and keeping it real has provided them with a strong following. The brand continues to grow with “in-the-know” circles, and not only with celebrities (though that list continues to expand too), but with anyone who has had the honor of smoking one of their beautifully blended cigars.

Oscar is the well-known face of the company and when you step through the doors of his comfortable shop, you’ll surely be greeted by the man himself or perhaps his father, the founder of the company. The family and the local aficionados are all there, indulging in the culture and lifestyle they love; sitting back and watching a game in the lounge, participating in some interesting conversation over a Cuban coffee, or witnessing the art of cigar rolling taking place in front of them. The culture at Mursuli matches their blends: rich, genuine, and full of flavor.

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Their walk-in humidor is easily accessible and only holds their own brands. Anything else would be a waste of space, as their inventory flies off of the shelves. While sitting in the lounge myself, I saw a gentleman buy a bagful of torpedoes for a wedding, which is one of Mursuli’s service offerings, including custom bands of your choosing. While a “bag full” purchase might be rare, as I sat enjoying one fantastic smoke after another, there was a constant flow of customers. Magically, the in and out of our fellows didn’t disturb the atmosphere but enhanced it, with the friendly locals adding to the conversation or commenting on the game. The atmosphere at Mursuli Cigars is amazing, and all the credit goes to the good natured proprietor and the strong, authentic community that surrounds him.

Southern California is known for beautiful beaches, movie stars, and drive-by shootings… Sure there’s the beach, Disneyland, and sound stages, but the cigar lover shouldn’t miss Mursuli Cigars while in the city of angels. Why not stay true and blend them? The sun setting over the pacific, toes in the sand, a Mursuli cigar in hand? Sign me up. Try one and you very well may incorporate a Mursuli as a regular in your humidor.

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You can find Mursuli Cigars at 10669 Lower Azusa Rd, Temple City, CA 91780, or reach them by phone at (626) 444-3443. Mursuli Cigars can also be located, as with thousands of cigars shops across the country, using the free Cigar Dojo app.

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