Warped Cigars was started by a young Kyle Gellis in 2009. In 2014 it was announced that the Warped line would finally start gaining ground, as Gellis finished school and could focus on development for his brand. Warped has an aggressive and innovative approach to developing its line – lots of social marketing and the “Warped life” slogan is generating buzz in most websites and Instagram accounts. Kyle’s young entrepreneur spirit gives his brand a classy and likable face. Warped Cigars hopes to honor the Cuban tradition of rolling and blending Cigars while creating new ways to merge tradition and relevancy.

For the Flor Del Valle blend, Kyle has opted to bring an old, retired Cuban brand back to life. With 100% premium tobaccos from the famed Aganorsa fields and respect for traditional Cuban cigar crafting, such as entubado bunching and a triple cap, the Flor Del Valle is practically a Cuban cigar – sans Cuban tobacco…

Flor Del Valle Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa Corojo 99’
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo 99’ & Criollo 98
  • Factory: Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (Nicaragua)
  • Production: Regular release
  • Vitola: Cristales – long corona with a classic Cuban triple cap
  • Price: $8.50

The Corona vitola compliments the band well, elegance combined with a beautiful hue of mocha coffee gives this cigar an admiration for being classy. As I am ready to cut for the pre-light, I notice that there are a few sun spots on the wrapper, which serves to remind me that this leaf caught a few drops of water in its natural environment—beautiful, even tobacco needs its hydration. I cut, take an inhale and am greeted with cedar and oak wood, and a touch of spices on my palate. As I start to warm the foot of the cigar and take some puffs on this first part of the cigar, the notes are reminiscent of sweet caramel with a touch of wood; the smoke itself is smooth, with no harsh or spicy qualities. The first half was pleasant, it maintained a constant, straight burn and nice ash.

Warped Cigars Flor Del Valle cigar review

In the second half, I experienced a development in strength level. It begins at a medium, quickly heading towards full – at times the spiciness kicked in, but would fade very quickly. Thus for me, the cigar wasn’t spicy, but wanted to be. The main flavors were salty with a touch of earth and a very creamy finish. These flavors were nice, but at times the cigar needed to be pressed gently to open a few tight spots, nonetheless, enjoyable.

The last third begins a return to the first third of the cigar, but with stronger wood qualities that enable one to think of the aroma of a glass of bourbon; leather and wood dominate the profile here.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Yes, The aroma was very pleasing and the cigar was well-balanced, with no blemishes to complain. It had great core flavors that would please a wide range of palates!

Warped Cigars Flor Del Valle cigar review and rating

Warped Cigars Flor Del Valle
This Flor de Valle had 4 months of age and exhibited great flavors, providing a pleasant and relaxing experience.
  • Good draw, balanced
  • Elegant band and wrapper
  • Great leather aroma
  • A few tight spots
92%Elegant Body
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