As an homage to their beginnings, the Sosa 50th Anniversary is torpedo shaped, like their classic cigar’s most popular Piramide vitola. The filler is a Dominican and Nicaraguan blend with a Cameroon-seeded wrapper, the first, Sosa claims, to be used on an Artuto Fuente-produced stick. This limited release features a box signed by the Sosa family. Their pride shines through in this anniversary blend.

Sosa 50th Anniversary Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder: Dominican
  • Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican
  • Factory: Tabacalera A. Fuente y CIA Factory #4 (Dominican Republic)
  • Production: Limited edition
  • Vitola: 5 1/2″ x 54 Pirámide
  • Price: $10

It felt like I had stepped back in time when I smoked the Sosa 50th Anniversary. The snow was falling outside, the wind making men pull their coat collars around their ears and shuffle fast to their homes. I was seeking my refuge from the elements in an Irish pub. The old books and fireplace were nice, a perfect setting, but it was the company that made the evening, at least at first.

A post new year’s gathering of like-minded folk gathered around the fire to smoke cigars and catch up, each puffing on a stogie of their choice, discussing the flavors and construction like any good cigar smoker. I was cutting into the Sosa 50th, a gift from a close friend, not thinking much of it at all.

Sosa 50th Anniversary Piramide cigar review

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The first few draws were disappointing, tight and smokeless, and I began to question the gift itself, as it came from a cigar aficionado, but as he was in the room, I couldn’t be rude and put it out. So I cut off a bit more and continued to draw. Not following my initial instinct to snub the entire stick was the best choice of the evening. The flavor I had been expecting showed up right there with the comfortable draw. “This Sosa,” I said, “now this is what I’d expect from a 50th Anniversary blend, it’s wonderful.”

The Sosa Classic Piramide No. 50 smoked incredibly well overall. The burn was among the best, never requiring a touch up, the flavor was rich and full of attention-grabbing pepper, cloves, and leather. After the first inch or so, almost knowing you’re hooked, the 50th relaxes, mellows, and allows you to enjoy a long, pleasant smoke. The cigar also produced a good amount of smoke once the cut was deep enough.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

 I sure would. This is a solid cigar.

Sosa 50th Anniversary cigar review and rating

Sosa 50th Anniversary
The Sosa 50th Anniversary blend was a good all around smoke and a similarly good cigar to commemorate Sosa's 50th year in business and honor their classic Piramide vitola - with its unique wrapper providing the majority of its characteristics.  I had never had a cigar that needed such precision in the cut to bring the whole smoke to life - the contrast really was shocking - but it was worth hanging in there.
  • Great full flavor
  • Fantastic burn
  • If the cut isn't right, the whole cigar is thrown off
88%5-pack purchase
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