Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla has been on the market for nearly two weeks now, making its way into the hands and humidors of cigar fanatics nationwide. And as with our first cigar project, the Undercrown Dogma, we know it just wouldn’t be right to review our own cigar – I think you’ll all agree. But that leaves us in a bit of a dilemma, we’re a cigar review site after all! And we feel this special creation is exceptionally tasty, it’d be a shame not to explore its “evolution of flavor”!

Therefore, we’ve gathered reviews from all over the web, including multiple “mini reviews” contributed by the Cigar Dojo community. With a wide range of palates and opinions, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in this special “amalgamation review”.

The Cigar Dojo Community reviews Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla

In summary…
Sexy, sweet, pepper and punch! Get yours and brace yourself for a wild west ride!ArmyRN
Yup… This might just be the best cigar I’ve ever had. A chocolate, root beer explosion in your mouth. Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla is a beautiful thing. GET SOME!Jeremiah Smoke
 I would recommend this maybe not to a novice, but definitely to someone who is looking to introduce something new to their palate and definitely to a more seasoned smoker. Construction was not even an issue at all.

I would rate this a 96 – A must-have in the humidor!atllogix

Cigar Dojo Sarsaparilla belicoso cigar review

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The Sarsaparilla, a beautifully crafted medium-full bodied cigar that has no shortage of flavor. An extremely complex cigar that offers smooth transitions and flawless construction. And a hint of sarsaparilla that wakes the senses. This cigar even pairs great with a quality ice cream. I call this pairing the sarsaparilla float!Adam Koenig
Smooth and creamy with the most intriguing taste on the finish. I don’t want it to end! Best dojo themed cigar to date.squeeze43
 Wow is what I have to say, a great medium to full body cigar with amazing flavor. Can’t wait to have another.DSultanofSmoke

Sensei's Sensational Sarsaparilla cigar review

Sarsaparilla has a beautiful dark brown oily San Andreas Mexican Maduro Wrapper. The filler and Binder are both from various parts of Nicaragua. On the pre light draw I got slight hints of sweet raisin bran cereal. The sweet aroma was very pleasant.

Once lit I got beautiful, slightly sweet aromatic earth tones with hints of dark cocoa powder and a back-note of hazelnuts. This pleasant, sweet taste stayed throughout the cigar – from beginning to end.

On the retrohale I got wood and black pepper notes. The peppery spike on the retrohale subsided half way, then came back at the end.

I put this cigar at a solid medium body. This cigar is delicious and aromatic from beginning to end. The cigar never gets harsh at all. A very smooth smoke in it’s entirety. It is an absolute joy and pleasurable smoking experience.Juan Cancel

Sarsaparilla cigar review

Strong pepper for the first third. Middle is a delicious sarsaparilla complex profile. Finishes full and satisfying.Nick Pyzel
Tightly packed and great construction with an even burn. Starts with pepper on the tongue then mellows halfway through. At the halfway point I get a cream soda flavor. A root beer hard candy creamy finish. Incredible flavors from start to finish. A must-try.Donald S.
Sarsaparilla reviews around the web
Cigar Coop – “While this cigar may now be more difficult to track down, I’d still recommend doing so. This is a cigar that I’d recommend to either the novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. As for myself, this is a cigar I would smoke again – and it’s definitely worth a box (bundle) split.” Rated 91

Robby Ras from CigarFederation – “The Sarsaparilla is a very approachable cigar and I mean that in a very good way. While it is billed as a full strength smoke (I would call it a solid medium), I think just about any cigar smoker will enjoy it. Not only is it a great cigar, but I can say with some confidence that the Sarsaparilla is the best cigar to come out of the La Zona factory to date. The profile was exceptionally tasty, well balanced and full of complexity and transition. It’s a unique cigar that I will reach for on a regular basis. In short, I love everything about it.”

Robby went on to rate the Sarsaparilla with an incredible 94 rating.

New Cigar – “This cigar is amazing. I have smoked almost the whole 10-pack within the first two weeks of getting it and wish I would have purchased more.”

Cigar Adviser has posted a group review of Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla:

“An excellent looking, well-rolled beli maduro with a goodly amount of cap…awesome construction.”

“A ton of body upfront. It pistol-whipped me with a licorice flavor before it tried to make a run for it. The smoke was so thick I had to wave my hand to clear the air. There was also a bit of a naturally sweet aftertaste on the finish.”

“The flavor is on point. The smoke starts out with in-your-face flavor and a medium-full bodied profile.”

“Erik Espinosa has delivered a full-flavored blend like nothing you’ve smoked before. It’s definitely the cure for what ails you.”

Cigar Advisor video review:

LeeMack912’s video review of the Sarsaparilla:

Juan Cancel interviews Erik Espinosa on the Sarsaparilla cigar:

“I was hesitant that this cigar may not live up to the hype or my own personal expectations. After having the pleasure of smoking a few, I will agree that the flavor profile is very unique indeed and perhaps was given the term unique as the specific profile you taste while smoking is not quite like anything else on the market.” – David from TheCigarNut

The CigarNut also gave the Sarsaparilla the number 8 spot on the best cigars of the year list.

As more reviews come in, we will add them to our list.

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