Cubanacan Cigars is deeply personal about their history & development in the cigar world. “A Story in Smoke”, as their slogan states, is a tale of “Tradition and Pride”. Cubanacan begins their history in Cuba, but now the cigars are made by hand in the soil of Esteli. One thing is certain about the Cubanacan Habano, it is a rich smoke with full flavor.

While Cubanacan remains a very small cigar company, it has recently gained more attention due to the strong presence of Nate Mcintyre, who recently left House of Emilio to lead the eastern part of the U.S. as the sales manager. Many local cigars shops are building a personal relationship with Cubanacan and by no means has it exploded into a marketing expansion. But rather, it seems that Cubanacan wishes to build long lasting relationships by simply sharing their story with us the smokers.

Let’s look at the details of Cubanacan Habano

  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder: Ecuador
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Vitola: 5″ x 50 “Rothschild”

Before we begin, let me persuade you to try this cigar. This is a unique smoking with experience. As mentioned previously, it is a cigar filled with rich & creamy flavors. It is easy to read reviews & pass them up solely on the profile, but hey – retailing at 5 – 7 bucks, this cigar is well worth it & you get to experience a great cigar.

Cubanacan Habano cigar review

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The pre-light has that earthy, Nicaraguan draw with a small hint of hay. The draw is a bit on the tighter spectrum, but I’m hoping that once the flame is applied, it will loosen throughout & we’ll get to experience some of the flavors together.

The first third begins with a creaminess combined with a rich, smooth, cedar flavor. As I continue to smoke this Habano there is a tingle of spiciness, a light pepper towards the back of my tongue; it hangs in there for a few seconds and goes away. The light pepper is a note in the background that does not distract from the strong presence of richness that is found in the first third. The cigar in the first third has a bit of tight draw, but the flavors are sweet and rich – I really can’t complain.

Cubanacan Habano robusto cigar review

In the second third, we begin a whole other great development. The cigar continues the rich profile but now the cigar is exhibiting a wood taste with notes of coffee and a small hint of that herbal taste – very small. We still have some light pepper, but it is starting to fade. If you like a couple of sweet shots of espresso, pay attention to this new third – rich flavors, complex, and creamy like the foam on the top of your espresso! The draw begins to loosen up and flavors are abundantly more clear. Again, rich flavors and a beautiful interplay.

The last third continues a woody profile, with some light pepper and flavors that remain rich and smooth. Flavors become little more dense since I am nearing the amber and the wood gets a bit of a caramel taste, yummy!

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Without a doubt, most definitely!

I rate it a 90 due to the performance of great lasting flavors & structure through the experience.

Cubanacan Habano cigar review and rating

Cubanacan Habano
Whether you like a full body or medium body, this cigar is for you. I think it will help us all remember when we first started our smoking journey. This Habano has a great abundance of flavors, it is complex, it is rich, it is smooth, and it is delicious.
  • Rich, classic flavors
  • Top notch construction
  • Tight draw
90%Rich, classic Habano
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