I love this cigar! I normally don’t start a review with my overall feeling on a cigar but this one deserves it. The Sindicato is the newly released flagship cigar for the Sindicato brand and it is one TASTY morsel. I smoked the Corona Gorda vitola which weighs in at 5.5×48 with a box-pressed shape and a little pigtail on the head. The Sindicato features a closed foot so I didn’t toast it like I normally do. Instead I dive right in smoking it as I light that way I don’t waste the experience of tasting the extra fold of leaf that’s covering the foot. And right off the bat I get a deep, rich, and intense pepper blast that perks my interest.

Sindicato cigar review and rating

The pepper quickly subsides and now we are about to embark on a journey of warm sweet flavors. The Sindicato puts out plenty of satisfying smoke which almost has a sticky, gooey quality to it. You can taste the flavors long after you have exhaled the smoke.

There is no denying that this is a dessert stick. The flavors are rich and luxurious and have a distinct sweetness to the them (in a good way). Smoking this cigar is a bit like eating a big juicy cinnamon roll. Warm cinnamon covered in melted brown sugar with a subtle cedar on the finish. I’ve never eaten a cinnamon roll with cedar on it, but if I did I bet it might taste like this cigar. However, it’s not all candy sweetness either. There is a nice strength kick to accompany and balance out the sweetness. I smoked this cigar in the morning with a glass of water and lemon and I could feel the tobacco “kick” which tells me this would even be better in the evening.

Sindicato cigar review and rating

While this cigar performed admirably the burn line was wavy and bulged turning the box-press into more of a rounded shape near the ash. I did have to touch up the cigar on more than one occasion but I wasn’t complaining too much because the flavors were so enjoyable.

The taste of tobacco on my tongue was similar to a graham cracker flavor and I found myself muttering under my breath… “Dang, this is a good cigar”. The Sindicato features shade grown corojo wrapper from Jalapa Nicaragua, double Nicaraguan binder, and fillers from Esteli and Jalapa making this a true Nicaraguan puro rolled at the Casa Fernandez factory.

The uniqueness of the flavor was truly welcomed and the moment I set down this cigar for the final time I could have easily fired up another one.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

I really can’t think of another cigar that grabbed my attention like this one did in a long while. Keep in mind, this is a dessert stick, one that you might want to smoke after eating a big satisfying steak. The Sindicato is on the higher range as far as price point is concerned coming in at over 10 bucks but in my opinion it’s worth every penny.

Sindicato cigar review

This is a peculiar smoke—when it's on, it's truly amazing—when it's not, it's decent at best. This Corona Gorda size has proven to be the best in the bunch (by a long shot). But with wrapper-cracking issues on many samples, the inconsistencies bring down would could have been an amazing cigar recommendation.
  • Amazing natural sweetness
  • Unique flavors
  • Inconsistencies between cigars & sizes
  • Wrapper cracking on some samples
91%Graham cracker sweetness
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