The Buenaventura BV 500 is a unique cigar that’s been showing up a lot on Cigar Dojo and on other social media sites. People seem to rave about its great flavors and ultra low price, so I had to see for myself what this cigar is all about. The Buenaventura is made by a small boutique company in Nicaragua called Curivari. I like the branding of these cigars, which are made to look like “throw-back” old-school Cuban cigars. The Buenaventura that I will be reviewing is the BV 500, which is a Nicaraguan puro and it weighs in at a slender 5.25×50.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this cigar is its price. You can easily find a box of 10 for under $50 and if you look hard enough you might even be able to find that same box for $39. That’s just $3.90 per stick! It’s been awhile since I reviewed a cigar at that low of a price point.

Buena Ventura cigar review and rating

After cutting, toasting, and lighting, there is a blast of flavor that is all about creamed coffee with a subtle sweet finish. I like a cigar that grabs my attention and this cigar did just that with a fantastic first impression.

Buena Ventura cigar review and ratingUnfortunately my Buenaventura sprouted a large perpendicular crack about 2/3rds the way down the body of the cigar. While this was a fairly major crack, it didn’t seem to hurt the performance of the cigar. I asked around to folks that smoke these on a regular basis and none of them indicated that they had experienced any issues similar to mine, so I will chalk this up to the cigar’s care and storage at the B&M where I purchased it.

As I work my way into the stick the coffee flavor remains, but now it’s joined by a warm caramel and at times I pick up a hint of peppermint! I am truly blown away by the enjoyable warm and inviting flavors of this cigar. I’m starting to understand why Cigar Aficionado rated the BV560 vitola as their number 7 Cigar of 2013.

Buena Ventura cigar review and rating

This isn’t necessarily a long burning cigar (maybe 45 minutes), but you certainly get your money’s worth in flavor. This medium strength – full flavored cigar has one final surprise in store as I reach the end: apple pie. Yes folks, a heaping helping of grandma’s warm caramel and cinnamon drenched apple pie!

Would I smoke this cigar again?

YES, YES, YES!! For the ridiculously low cost, this cigar would be a value at twice the price. The warm, interesting flavors had me thinking about this cigar well into the night. These are box worthy. I also believe the Buena Ventura BV 500 would be a great cigar to give to a person who was wanting to get into the cigar hobby.

Buena Ventura cigar review and rating

Not even a cracked wrapper could stop me from enjoying this fun and affordable cigar from Curivari.

Buenaventura BV 500
This may just be the ultimate value buy! With price points that enter the sub-$4 range and flavors that rush across the palate, we recommend this to both the novice and experienced smoker.
  • Incredible value
  • Cubanesque, easily enjoyable flavors
  • Cracked wrappers on some samples
  • Quick burner
91%Multiple box worthy
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