Tonight on Smoke Night LIVE join Master Sensei as he deconstructs the crazy/fun Undercrown Dogma release. But most importantly you can help Sensei pick the 2 winners from this weeks #dojodogma contest. The other 5 winners have already been picked by our friends at Drew Estate but there are still two left to pick and we are going to let DOJONATION have a say in who gets a bundle of Undercrown Dogma.

Smoke Night LIVE is the late night live video show brought to you by the Cigar Dojo.

To ask questions that might be answered on the show simply post your question on the Dojo app and include the hashtag #asksensei (you can also submit questions for the show guests just use the same hashtag #asksensei)

Undercrown Dogma

  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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