The Undercrown “DOGMA” is the Cigar Dojo commemorative cigar which was created as a collaboration between Cigar Dojo, Drew Estate, and Smoke Inn. Since the Dogma is our own cigar, it wouldn’t be right for us to rate and review it. Obviously we give it a “10” on everything :). Yet what we can say about this cigar is…  it’s a rich, dark, decadent, chocolate, leathery, and features an ungodly amount of smoke. It’s a cigar of royal proportions, with an iconic look, taste, and smoke.

“Dogma”, a term that describes a belief or set of beliefs that is accepted by the members of a group without being questioned or doubted. Cigar Dojo’s dogma? Never Smoke Alone.

The Undercrown Dogma is the first of its kind, featuring a hearty 6 x 56 box pressed vitola! Re-shaped, re-banded, and re-blended, the Dogma features extra ligero leafs, which make for a stronger, more full-bodied version of this classic, fan favorite. The Dogma is comprised of a Mexican San Andreas wrapperConnecticut Stalk-Cut Habano binder, and Nicaraguan & Brazilian Mata Fina fillers. And not only does the new box-pressed shape look and feel great, but has actually helped marry the tobaccos together, giving added flavor nuances and even increasing the cigar’s draw. The Dogma exudes rich flavors of chocolate, creamy coffee, and a sweet, vanilla finish.

Therefore, while we can’t review and rate our own cigar, we are proud of the reviews that are coming in; so we would like to highlight them here.

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The Reviews are in
Stogie Net – “Drew Estate’s homage to the Cigar Dojo community is simply astounding. I have smoked quite a few of the regular Undercrown cigars and this release take it up about three octaves. Even more complex and flavorful than usual, the Dogma is another rarity that you should seek out and stash for the future.”

Stogie Net ranked the Number 9 Cigar of 2014

Seth’s Humidor posted a in-depth review of the Dogma stating “The flavor profile was incredibly rich and while it started out very sweet and syrup like, it calmed down as it moved forward into the second and final third. This is probably the richest and sweetest Mexican San Andreas I have had and is a rich maduro. I think a lot of people will love this cigar and with the size and flavor profile it is a brilliant release. “ Seth rated the Dogma at a 89.

Tony Casas from Casas Fumando wrote an excellent and detailed review of the Dogma and stated “I can see why these sold out so quickly, and highly encourage you to get your hands on them during their next batch.”

Halfwheel reviewed the Dogma and offered some really interesting insight. Halfwheel rated the Dogma at an impressive 88 and stated “Smoke production is way above average, and both the burn and draw continue to impress.”.

Fine Cigar AZ created a in-depth review of the Undercrown DOGMA and rated it a “4.95 /5 – NEAR PERFECT and VERY VERY ENJOYABLE” they went on to say… “ It is the new heavy hitter in the Undercrown line. If you enjoyed the Corona ¡Viva! you will love this new beauty. I would say that this is a must pick up and keep on hand if you can find them.”

Maximus Kenneth from Bourbon and Broadleaf reviewed the Dogma and stated “Let me be clear, I am not a fan of Undercrown cigars.  This is why I had low expectations for the Undercrown Dogma. However, I was proved wrong once again and have found a new love in Undercrown and it is with the Dogma.” Kenneth went on to give the Dogma a “A-” rating.

The guide for Coffee, Cigars, and Pipes authored a detailed review of the Dogma and noted “Overall all, I thought this cigar was fantastic. It had great visual appeal, great construction, good burn and a superior flavor “. They went on to rate the Dogma in their all-time top 10 with a 95.

William “Coop” Cooper from Cigar-Coop wrote an extensive review of the Dogma and stated “As for myself, this is a cigar I’d clearly smoke again.” Coop also went on to call the Dogma “Box Worthy” and gave it an extremely high 93 rating.

Jack from StogieNet created an incredible review of the Dogma cigar exclaiming “I am just floored with the quality and bevy of flavors this beautiful black monstrosity pumped out.  My only dilemma now is whether I should smoke the hell out of the remaining sample or sit on it for a decade or so.   Without a doubt, highly recommended! “ Jack rated the Dogma a 93.

Captain Corojo rates and reviews the Undercrown Dogma on the website. The Captain gave the Dogma a whopping 93 rating!

Blind Man’s Puff reviewed the Dogma and stated “I would rate this above the standard Undercrown”.

Logan, Matt, Rob, and Dustin, from the CigarFederation put up a combined review of the Dogma.

As more reviews come in we will add them to our list.

Drew Estate Undercrown Dogma Cigar Review

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