UPDATE: This contest now complete. There were hundreds and hundreds of great entries. The Dojo staff would like to thank everyone who participated. This weeks winners were: joshrobbins & Cheeks. They both will win a My Father Cigars t-shirt and 3 My Father Cigars.

Cigar Contest

It’s just past mid-week and we’re gearing up for one smoke-filled weekend, I can almost taste it! Friday night, August 9th marks Cigar Dojo’s next Global HERF, a smoke night dedicated to Viaje cigars, hosted by Dojo legend Jaelipp.

Many a’cigar will be smoked, bourbon and other fine spirits drank (or is it drunk?) and we figure – let’s start all the fun with some free cigars, shall we?

Flash contest – How do you hold your cigar?

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, a personal preference, perhaps it’s your own cigar signature, an age old question: how do you hold your cigar?

That’s right, for this Flash Contest we want to know how you hold your cigar, my it be traditional, or something different entirely…

Some examples of cigar holding techniques ranging from the basic to the advanced may include:Cigar holding techniques

Note: We want to see creative entries – artistic camera effects, interesting subject matter, camera angles, etc.

Post your entries on the Cigar Dojo App and include the hashtag #ENTRY

Entries on the app are limited to 2 per day, make ’em count!

August 8th & 9th 2013 only, show us how you hold your cigar for a chance to win a 3-pack sampler of My Father cigars and a My Father Cigars T-shirt! Two winners will be selected by the Dojo staff based on creativity and best overall images that fit this contest’s theme.My Father Cigars Giveaway

The contest will run from the time of this posting until August 9th at 9PM (MDT) During the Viaje HERF. The winners will be announced on the app the night of August 9th or morning of August 10th.

Create your own status update for Twitter or Facebook

Want to help out the Dojo? Post your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as Cigar Dojo of course) and try to include these four elements:





An example might be….

Yes, I hold my cigar weird.. Show ur cigar-holding methods on @CigarDojo 4 a chance 2 win @MyFatherDPG Cigars! https://cigardojo.com/?p=8943 #ENTRY


Flash Contest! Show your cigar holding techniques on @CigarDojo 4 a chance to win free cigars! @MyFatherDPG https://cigardojo.com/?p=8943 #ENTRY

Flash contest cigar giveaway
If you have questions about the app or about the contest please comment below.

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