UPDATE: This contest now complete. There were tons of great entries and the Dojo staff would like to thank everyone who participated. This weeks winners were: A2A, Waller, and Nailbender. They will each win a Hermosa Cigars 5-pack sampler of Toro and Robusto cigars.

Cigar Contest

As much as it pains me to say it, summer is winding down folks. Even as I write this, leaves are drying and falling from the trees, the days are growing shorter, and there is a distinct crispness in the air. And while the warmth of a beautiful summer night will be greatly missed, the autumn brings its own unique characteristics.

Consider this – as the weather cools, the harsh climate brings out the rugged qualities in a man. Firewood will be chopped, animals will be hunted, even a man’s beard will begin to grow… It is the season that brings out the manliness in a man!

Flash contest – Show the Dojo your manliness

What makes a man a man? Well, a beard sure doesn’t hurt, but there’s more to it than that, it’s an art really. A manly activity is something the weak shy away from, something challenging, demanding, and yet, necessary.

We all know smoking may very well be the manliest thing a man can do, but for this contest we want to see the ultimate manly activities.

  • Bourbon
  • Beards
  • Cars
  • Guns
  • Woodworking

These are good places to start, but we want to see you get creative Dojo, make your entries count!

And women, don’t think your disqualified from this contest! We know many of the Dojo women are perfectly capable of doing more manly activities than most average dudes, you may even have a leg-up on the competition simply by entering the contest!

An example of a manly entry may be:Manly cigar activities

Note: We want to see creative entries – artistic camera effects, interesting subject matter, camera angles, etc.

Post your entries on the Cigar Dojo App and include the hashtag #ENTRY

Entries should be created from scratch, specifically for this contest.

Include cigars and references to Cigar Dojo for added credibility.

Entries on the app are limited to 2 per day, make ’em count!

August 14th – 16th 2013, show the Dojo your manly hobbies for a chance to win a 5-pack sampler of Hermosa Cigars! Three winners will be selected by the Dojo staff based on creativity and best overall images that fit this contest’s theme.Hermosa Cigars 5 pack

The contest will run from the time of this posting until August 16th at 9PM (MDT). The winners will be announced on the app the morning of August 17th.

Create your own status update for Twitter or Facebook

Want to help out the Dojo? Post your entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (as well as Cigar Dojo of course) and try to include these four elements:





An example might be….

Post your manliest cigar pic on @CigarDojo for a chance to win free @HermosaCigars https://cigardojo.com/?p=9026 #ENTRY


Chopping wood is my manly hobby, post ur manliest pic on @CigarDojo 4 a chance 2 win free @HermosaCigars https://cigardojo.com/?p=9026 #ENTRY

Flash contest cigar giveaway
If you have questions about the app or about the contest please comment below.

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