You come home after a long day of putting up with a sarcastic boss. You finally get a chance to unwind after chasing your 3-year-old twins from one end of the park to the other. Or perhaps an evening at the hockey center, trying to enjoy your favorite team kicking some serious tokhes (which was ruined by the lady right behind you, who just… wouldn’t… stop… talking).

Any of that sound familiar? How to relax after so much of life’s chaos? Well, being a lover of the leaf, you know there is no better way to decompress and just relax than with a nice stogie and a satisfying beverage. I have now found that warm, cozy blanket of a cigar for myself, and I am going to share it with you, my Dojo friends—the Illusione Rothchildes.

Illusione Rothchildes cigar

This cigar is an absolute masterpiece. The color of the wrapper, a delightful, earthy brown, is eye drawing. It shows minimal veins and a nice, tight, even firmness that gives it the character of a winner before you even light up. Pre-light there is a sweetness to the tobacco and a strong, clean tobacco flavor. The draw is clean and effortless, giving only a hint of resistance.

Let’s light up! Right off, there is a blast of dark cherry and sweet raisin. The cherry flavor being the aggressor and the raisin only as a hint in the background. This thing smokes—literally and figuratively. The retro is zesty in the nostrils, but smooth and cherry sweet. Charcoal grey ash and a nice, regular burn round out the first inch. I was excited to try this cigar from the outset and feel rewarded going through the first third, anticipating what might be up next with this little beauty.

smoking Illusione Rothchildes cigar

Through the entire cigar, the flavors morphed. At one point, the dark cherry was highlighted, then abruptly a delicious espresso-mocha flavor appeared momentarily, that was swept away with a sweet cocoa.  The smoking experience was rewarding through every inch of this cigar! The draw stayed light and open and the burn continued evenly all along. The strength was consistent, hovering around a strong medium. I was never wanting for anything while I smoked this Illusione.

If it seems like I’m gushing… I am!

I cannot think of one detracting component to the cigar. Owner and creator of the Illusione brand, Dion Giolito, smacked this one off the wall in right field and turned a certain triple into an “inside the park”, game winning score.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Just try and stop me. This is easily the best of the Illusione line in my opinion, and as we wait for it to be more readily available, my advice for the Dojo Nation is to beg, borrow or st… well probably not steal, to get your hands on a few of these. I’m not prone to hyperbole, but these honeys are amazing!

Thanks to tatuajelover, Anthony Page, and Jim King for being nice enough to let me trade for this fine cigar.

Dojo Mojo, ya’ll!!

Guest reviewed by David Moon (aka Smokin’_Cubans)

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Illusione Rothchildes maduro

Illusione Rothchildes
Great price, great flavor, great construction, what;s not to love??
  • Affordable
  • Rich flavor
  • Great Construction
  • Occasional inconsistencies
90%Top 10 in 2013
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)
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