The CAO Smoke Night on the Dojo was a HUGE success.

Similar to other Smoke Night’s on the Dojo the CAO Smoke Night on the Cigar Dojo app was a huge success. Thousands of CAO cigars were consumed and a great time was had by all. Heather (our resident CAO expert) hosted the event and CAO reps were on hand to announce some exciting and exclusive news about upcoming CAO releases. Yet more than anything cigar smokers all around the world came together on the Dojo app to celebrate CAO cigars and fellowship long into the night.

During the CAO smoke event the Cigar Dojo app was opened a record 7,309 times and 81,077 pages were served.

It’s a World-Wide HERF!

CAO Smoke Night on the Cigar Dojo app.Mark your calendars for… “Smoke Night V” on the Cigar Dojo app. The members of the Cigar Dojo app will all be smoking a CAO Cigar on Friday  March 1st at 8PM eastern, (7PM central, 6PM mountain, and 5PM pacific).  The Dojo members will be sharing their thoughts on the Cigar Dojo app. Yes it’s the 5th meeting of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” and it should be a great time. Just imagine cigar smokers all over the world smoking the same cigar brand at the same time and sharing their thoughts!

Flash HERF Giveaways

During the event, we will be giving away 6-packs of CAO cigars! It’s a simple concept: smoke a CAO and win more CAO, not a bad deal if I may say so. Stay tuned on the night of the event for details, as 6 CAO-smokin’ fans will be winning 6-packs of CAO cigars, featuring 3 CAO Concert cigars and 3 CAO OSA cigars.

  • Atlantic Cigar Sale
  • Joya de Nicaragua cigars

Follow Master Sensei on the Cigar Dojo app to keep up on the madness!

Remember: You’ll need to be smoking a CAO cigar to win, so plan ahead and pick out a few of your favorite CAO smokes in advance.6-pack bundle of CAO cigars


Choose any CAO you would like to smoke on March 1st and have your CigarDojo app ready to go! To be a member of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” just show up on the night of the event and join the fun, no membership requirements will prevent anyone from joining in on the fun. Subsequent Smoke Nights will feature a different cigar that will be picked by the founders of the club. 🙂 The Dojo’s very own CAO expert Heather will be your host on what is sure to be a very special night.

CAO makes all sorts of great cigars and you can select any of them you want to smoke on Smoke Night. Typically, most folks who join the festivities smoke 1 to 3 featured cigars during the HERF.

CAO Cigars

  • Cigar Wars
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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