The Liga Privada Global HERF on the Cigar Dojo

Jonathan Drew reminded us during the HERF to support a great cause "CIGARS FOR WARRIORS".

What happens when cigar smokers all over the world smoke the same cigar at the same time? Lets just say that we produced enough smoke to alter the earth’s climate but please don’t tell Al Gore. January 20th was the Liga Privada Smoke Night on the Cigar Dojo app and thousands of cigar smokers all smoked multiple Liga Privadas and fellowshipped with each other via the CigarDojo app.

Even Jonathan Drew himself (as well as many other Drew Estate execs) joined the fun from the floor of their big sales meeting. The Dojo’s own Jaelipp was the host and kept the festivities running smooth. The CigarDojo app was used 5,280 times during the event and 67,020 posts were viewed which set a all-time record for the Dojo app. An estimated $16,000 worth of Liga Privadas were smoked during the HERF.

The bottom line is a great time was had by all. Make sure to check the Smoke Night Schedule for the next event.

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An estimated $16,000 in Liga Privadas were smoked during the HERF. CubanPete posted a picture of his stash here.

Marvin Samel from Drew Estate displays the Dojo on a very abused iPhone.

Jonathan Drew and other Drew Estate employees joined the HERF from their annual sales meeting.

Anthony from Espinosa Cigars joined the fun wearing his new Dojo t-shirt!

Even Batman showed up for the big event.

It’s a World-Wide HERF!

Liga Privada HerfPrepare for “Smoke Night II” on the Cigar Dojo app. The members of the Cigar Dojo app will all be smoking a Drew Estate Liga Privada on January 20th at 8PM eastern, 7PM central, 6PM mountain, and 5PM pacific.  The Dojo members will share their thoughts and images on the Cigar Dojo app. Yes it’s the second meeting of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” and it should be a great time. Just imagine cigar smokers all over the world smoking the same cigar at the same time. Rumor has it that Jonathan Drew himself will be joining us for this global HERF!

Master of Ceremonies: Jaelipp

Choose any Liga Privada you would like to smoke on January 20th and have your CigarDojo app ready to go! To be a member of the “Joe 6-Pack HERF Club” just show up on January 20th and join the fun, no membership requirements will prevent anyone from joining in on the fun. Subsequent Smoke Nights will feature a different cigar that will be picked by the founders of the club. 🙂

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