This is it, the king of Ligas, the boss hog, one pig to rule them all! Liga Privada is a somewhat peculiar cigar line, seeming to perfectly balance the line between rare and accessible. It gives one the sense of accomplishment to smoke a Privada cigar, and boy are they worth the effort! This is what keeps me (and many others) coming back to Liga Privada time and time again. It also doesn’t hurt that they are freakin’ tasty!

The Flying Pig was originally designed as a special size variation to the Liga No. 9 and T52 lines; a more rare, short and fat perfecto with a gorgeous pigtail to cap it off. The size became increasingly popular and when Liga Privada branched out to include the Unico Serie, the Feral Flying Pig became a sort of “best of the best” cigar. Unlike the No. 9 or T52, Unico Ligas are a “unique” blend and vitola made to perfectly compliment eachother. That is, each cigar has its own blend, made in only one size that suites the blend to perfection.

Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig Cigar

Holding the Feral Flying Pig, one might feel like they’ve come across the “Holy Grail” of cigars. Its wrapper is a deep, oily, red-brown color with smells of leather and coffee. Its size and shape alone are stunning, being a quite large 60 ring gauge perfecto with an obvious high construction quality. It actually feels hard, similar to the OpusX XXX, with a paper mâché-like construction. But it’s the beautiful pig tail cap that really completes the whole package, making for one of the best looking cigars out there, you’ll be sad to see it go from your humidor… so buy a few to keep you company.

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I made sure to let this FFP rest in my humidor for at least 6 months to ensure a “no excuses”, amazing smoking experience, and I’ll tell you now – I was not disappointed. The pig tail cap cut clean off, and the tapered end of the perfecto shape made the large, 60 ring gauge much more enjoyable; as I usually find this size to be a bit much. The draw was surprisingly easy, and was just about as good a draw as you could hope for. With a quick light, the flavors are quickly evident as smooth and refined. Creamy, complex flavors one can only find in a smoke of this caliber work their way at the palette, with notes of coffee and a heavier, earth and savory qualities. The burn wavers but stays straight enough, and doesn’t require a relight throughout. The ash, like many Liga Privadas, is an absolutely stunning white; seriously, be careful not to look directly at it for safety precautions.

Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig cigar

Moving along, the Feral Pig stays solid, with added hints of white pepper, especially in the retrohale. It’s a clean smoke, without any unwanted flavors, leaving you refreshed after each puff. As one might expect, the FFP is full body and medium-full in strength, and with it’s large size, is around a one and a half to two hour smoke, so don’t smoke on an empty stomach! As the FFP progresses, you might notice a building toast flavor, along with a very tasty charcoal, that ends with a sweet after note finish. There is definitely enough complexity and surprise to keep me interested and satisfied throughout. I let the FFP down with about 1/3 left, which felt right, yet deep down I’m craving more!

Would I smoke this cigar again? Without a doubt! The Feral Flying Pig was an absolutely amazing smoke, an example of the finer luxuries in life that need to be enjoyed by everyone from time to time. While its $16 price tag may keep my indulgences to a minimum, I certainly won’t hesitate to smoke another FFP at least a few times a year; hey, we all need something to look forward to.

Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig
The Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig is great right off the bat but gets even better as you smoke it. A true classic.
  • Smoothened refined flavor
  • Great draw and burn
  • Flavor develops
  • Rare
  • Expensive
92%Rare & Tasty
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