Inside shop one. Plenty of things to do while enjoying a stogie!

I’ve got a double header for you guys today! The Havana Exclusive Cigars shops in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Located just off of the pristine, white sand beaches of the gulf coast, on Mandalay Ave, are two of the neatest cigar shops I’ve ever been to!

In the heart of Florida, itching for a stogy, I requested my trusted sidekick, Siri, to assist me in finding a nearby cigar shop. She presented me with these two shops (thanks Siri!). Shop one is located at 490 Mandalay Ave. suites 8 and 9. With a small parking lot available in front of the shop and plenty of curbside parking, I was able to find a spot fairly easily. Still drenched from the beach, I strolled on up to the shop doors to be greeted by the owner, Ernie, offering to show me around. He took me back to his walk-in humidor with a wide array of cigars, including the 601 La Bomba and the new Oliva V Millennio! Both appropriately priced with no unnecessary mark ups.

Shop owner Ernie take care of business!

We walked to the register, which is at the bar. It’s a large bar with plenty of draught beers and full liquor set for all your favorite cocktails. After explaining the Dojo to Ernie, he got really excited and told me I had to go down to his other shop because it’s bigger. He said his wife was working there and to have her hook me up with a free beer, I couldn’t refuse!

As I set out to the next shop, which is only half a block away, I stopped to view the amazing scenery on the way. Mandalay Ave backs to the beach and from the sidewalk we had a perfect view of an antique sailboat crossing past the sun as it set into the ocean, it was absolutely stunning. With the sun below the horizon and the boat out of sight, I continued on my journey to arrive at 400 Mandalay Ave, the home of Havana Exclusive Cigars – shop #2.

As I walked up to the doors, Ernie’s wife, who was happy to hear he sent me, greeted me with a smile. Enjoying my beer, I wandered around the humidor they had in the shop. It was about the same size humidor as the first, but had a completely different selection, including several local cigar brands. The lounge and bar, however, were much larger, with two rooms instead of one and several different ways to enjoy your smoke, including a tabletop dominoes set.

The "bone Yard". I LOVE me some dominoes!

Unfortunately, we were in a rush to get back to Orlando for dinner with my family, so I had to leave before really enjoying the lounge. But the brief experience I had was more than enough to know this was a good place to be. Having family in Florida, I will be returning there soon enough and I have every intention of going back to Havana Exclusive Cigars and playing some dominos while enjoying one of the many cigars in their humidor!

The humidor in shop 1.

The humidor in shop 2.

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