It was a frigid morning in Colorado and the odds seemed to be stacked against the Dojo crew. We normally rely on the warmth of our outdoor heater during our winter smokes, but the propane tank had run dry. So we tried a second one. The fuel started giving us trouble. We decided to press on. Frozen fingers of brothers worked furiously to fix the problem as I began to toast what would become the only warmth I needed that morning.

The 601 La Bomba Napalm.

A warm smoke indeed! The air in my lungs had just begun to freeze when I took my first draw of the La Bomba. Instant relief! The spices of Christmas filled my palate, so many flavors in this cigar: hazelnut, pepper and cinnamon, intertwined with an earthy fullness, for a smooth, creamy texture. The draw was tight, but I attribute this to the cold air because all our smokes proved tight that morning. Even ones we know to have the perfect draw.

601 La Bomba cigar review

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The burn was spot on and the smoke was a soft, chalk-white. I smoked well into this cigar, down to the nub.

While the rest of the brave samurai’s of the Dojo froze their collective phalanges to the bone, the LaBomba’s Napalm kept me warm from the first draw to the point when I felt the heat touching the tips of my fingers, telling me the ride was regrettably over. I set the nub in the ashtray and watched as it transformed to ash.

601 La Bomba cigar review

Eventually, we managed to get the heater working and the rest of the warriors finished their smokes before frostbite overtook them. As for me, no heater needed.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Absolutely, even on a warm summer day!

601 La Bomba Napalm
Lots of power and great flavors but a tight draw hurts the overall rating.
  • Lots of strength
  • Great burn
  • Tight draw
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