On an absolute gorgeous Colorado December morning I headed out in my pajamas to smoke a Sunday morning cigar. Yes, I said pajamas. Today’s offering is the Four Kicks robusto from Crowned Heads. This nice looking stick weighs in at 5×50 and features a very traditional look. Equadorian Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler and branded with a very classic looking red and gold embossed label.

Four Kicks Cigar Rating and Review

I had tried this same cigar a month ago and found a tough draw but I now chalk that up to my own error of impatience as I should have waited longer before smoking this cigar. Here in Colorado we live in high altitude in a very dry climate so it’s always best to give cigars a month or so of aging before you smoke them. This time around the Four Kicks draw was perfect with just the right amount of resistance. Producing a very nice amount of smoke and burning with precision the Four Kicks was handling like a dream.

Four Kicks Cigar Ratings and Review

The flavor profile on this cigar is leather and hazelnut with possibly a hint of citrus. When comparing the Four Kicks to Crowned Heads other offering the Headley Grange I would say it breaks down as follows: The Headley Grange is more like a spiced rum while the Four Kicks is more like a Scotch. I say that because the Four Kicks is more of a dry smoke while the Grange is more warm and spicy. Both cigars are good yet feature very different notes.

The Four Kicks is a relatively affordable cigar at about $7.50 per stick and you will certainly not be disappointed with the construction. One thing that both Crowned Heads cigars have in common is they both seemed to get better as you smoked them and I certainly prefer that to the alternative. The Four Kicks was a medium bodied, medium strength cigar and it was the perfect combination with my hot cup of coffee. One interesting thing about this cigar is that it burned noisy, surprising me with an occasionally hiss and pop but that didn’t bother me at all in fact it was a nice backdrop to a very quiet Colorado morning.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Yes, I would smoke this cigar again and I have a few more of these aging in my humidor so I am excited to see how the develop over time.


Four Kicks
Admirable in just about every category. We have noticed some inconsistencies between cigars in this line.
  • Warm flavor
  • Traditional appearance
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Cigar Wars cigar ratings
  • Steve Saka Cigars
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