Christmas Cigar GiveawayDear Dojo enthusiasts we have an idea to make the Christmas Holiday more fun and smoke-filled than ever before. It’s called The 12 Days of Cigars & Christmas and it will work like this… Complete the daily task which will be posted here every day at noon (MDT). Entries will be accepted everyday until 10PM(MDT) and announced on the Cigar Dojo app.

Any of you who wish to be a part of the giveaway can be! You send us a gift we will re-gift it to somebody else on the Dojo during  The 12 Days of Cigars & Christmas (Dec 14th thru Christmas Day Dec 25th). Everyday starting December 14th we will have a new challenge on our app such as – Post a Picture of your Christmas Tree. The 2 best pictures as judged by us at the Dojo will win a prize. And the prizes come from you guys.

What kind of prizes are we expecting??
Cigars of course! 5 packs, sampler packs, heck even a box of cigars if you are big spender! You could also give lighters, cutters, shirts, etc. However, prizes must be NEW. Cigars should still be in their cello, 5 packs should still be packaged etc. And the cigars should be desirable, we don’t want to smoke the junk you dont want to smoke. Please do not send in your scraps.

Examples of prizes….

  • 5 pack of your favorite cigars
  • Sampler pack some good cigars
  • Box of Cigars
  • Cigar Lighter
  • Cigar Cutter
  • Cigar T-Shirt or hat

But keep in mind… most people are going to want cigars so that should be the main type of gift to send.


The goal is for us to gather 24 prizes (2 prizes for each of the 12 days). Why 24 you ask??? Well, 12 prizes will be awarded to ONLY folks who donated prizes (“givers”). The other 12 will go to anyone, i.e., someone who did, OR DIDN’T, give a prize. We don’t want the contest to seem too exclusionary so it’s important that everyone have a chance to win, even folks who discovered our app on Dec 24th and didn’t have time to give, or folks who cannot afford to give. Yet we also want to specially recognize and award the “givers” so we will have 2 prizes each day. Make sense??

Every day during the contest…

  • One prize will go to someone who donated a prize to the contest
  • One prize will go to somebody at large (may or may not haven given to the contest)

It’s more fun to give than it is to receive.

If we get more than 12 people giving prizes it’s possible that you may give a prize and not receive a prize. In other words being a “giver” doesn’t guarantee you will be a winner. So please keep that in mind should you choose to donate a prize. It will be expensive for us at the Dojo to mail out all these prizes so we hope that everyone is in the spirit of giving like we are.

Can somebody give more than one prize?
Yes! Of course! But all “givers” no matter how much they give will have the same chances of winning. Keep in mind this is for fun. If you have the resources to give more that’s great! And if you can only give a little that’s great too!

What if I cannot give?
That’s okay! We know times are tough for some folks. You will still have a chance to win everyday during the contest. We are very thankful you are participating on the Dojo.

What if we accumulate more than 24 prizes?
If we get more than 24 prizes we will start combining prize packages making the prizes closer to Christmas bigger and bigger.  There will be a MAXIMUM of 24 prizes sent out. 2 each day for the 12 Days of Cigars & Christmas. Shipping will be expensive for us so we need to limit the amount of packages we send out.

How will we select the winners each day?
Unlike our normal giveaway these winners will be picked by us on our subjective opinion as to who best completed the task. We are looking for creativity and we also want new images, NOT something you took from last years photo library. Therefore any references to the Dojo or the current date will be a bonus for your entry.

How do I become a “giver”?
Simply post a comment below saying you wish to be a giver and send in your prize to:
Cigar Dojo
2679 S. Kline Circle
Lakewood CO 80227
Please include a note with your package stating “These items are to be used in the 12 Days of Cigars & Christmas” also please include your App username so we know who gave what. We will be listing the prizes on this post as we receive them (see example below).

How long do I have to become a “giver”?
We MUST receive your prize no later than December 14th. Yet we need you to tell us way ahead of time (below in the comments) that you intend to be a “giver”, you don’t need to tell us what you will be sending, just that you will in fact be sending in a prize package. Please don’t wait until the last moment to send your gifts, this will take a lot of organizing so we would like the gifts sent ASAP to the Dojo. If you tell us you will be a “giver” yet fail to send in a package we will make sure Santa puts coal in your stocking.

Can a person win more than once in the 12 Days of Cigars & Christmas?
It’s possible but our plan will be to spread out the prizes as best as we are able. And remember if you are a “giver” you will have TWO chances to win everyday instead of just one chance for the non-givers. Every day one “giver” will win as well as somebody at large, a “giver” or a non-giver (somebody who can’t afford to give or found the contest too late to give).

Why are we giving prizes to non-givers?
The worst thing that can happen to the Dojo is that we become too clique i.e., too exclusionary.  I don’t want people feeling left out if they couldn’t afford to give or they found our app too late to give. That’s why one of the 2 daily prizes will be up for grabs for anyone who enters, not just the “givers”.

How will the contest work?
Everyday we will select a new task, something such as: post a picture of your favorite cigar smoking jacket/clothes. Then you will be able to make ONE or TWO entries for the contest on that day. If you post more than a couple pictures, only the first ywo you posted that day will be recognized as your entry. That night at around 9PM (MDT) we will announce the two winners on the Dojo app. It’s all in fun so we hope that everyone will be supportive of each others entries. We are looking for fun, creative, artistic, images that are NEW and unique to you! (no copied googled images, clip art,  etc.). The next day we will start a new task and everyone can enter again!

If you have any questions about prizes, the contest, or anything else please post your questions below or if your question is more of a private question you can email me at


  1. Besides the shipping costs of all 24 prizes the Cigar Dojo will also be giving away 6 Cigar Dojo T-Shirts (6 prizes).
  2. Celtic_Bomber donated a cool Tatuaje promo items, 3 lighters, 6 Tatuaje cigars
  3. sent us 2 sets of Kiss My Ash T-Shirts and hats (2 prizes)
  4. Joshua Cruse 5 cigars (Black Pearl, AB Fine & Rare, Sol Cubano, AB Prensado, Gurkha Cellar Reserve)
  5. Lancingtrumen (5 pack of Warlock Coronas)
  6. Deford (5 pack SWAG Torpedos)
  7. Michael Constantine (12 Cigars – Lou Rodrguez, CAO, Sancho Panza, Hoyo De Monterrey, La Reloba, 601, JAVA, MOW, La Caridad Del Cobre, Trocadero, Tatuaje, LFD)
  8. Guarnacciad (2 Recon Cigars in cool bullet cases)
  9. Christopher Miles (Bundle of Gran Habano Azteca Fuerte Torpedos)
  10. SullyKCMO (Alec Bradley Taste of the World Sampler)
  11. Jon Huber of Crowned Heads (Hats, Hats, and more Hats these are REALLY cool)
  12. MattSRoss81 (Emilio Draig K, CAO La Traviata, My Father La Reloba Sumatra, Oliva Serie O and an Opus X Perfeccion #5.)
  13. BigEasySmoke (5 pack Vudu Churchill)
  14. LoungFillersLounge (Bundle of Argenese Toros, Moretti Cutter, and nifty CI Lighter)
  15. jwalkingphoto (Padron 7000, a JDN 1970 6″x48ish, 6″ Xicar Colorado, Undercrown Robusto & Oliva V Torpedo.)
  16. jlat2450 Punch Tailgate Pack
  17. Jaelipp (1 each: Alec Bradley, 601, LGC, Padilla, La Aurora)
  18. Lancingtrumen (Padron sampler, and 11 various tasty single cigars)
  19. Heather (5 pack of various CAO cigars)
  20. Joaquin (5 Cigar singles)
  21. NJ Chief (6 Cigar Singles)
  22. Martymoose (Alec Bradley 5 pack sampler and XIKAR Cutter)
  23. JackSoup Box of 20 Padilla Series ’68 Robustos
  24. Stogie Gregg 5 Single Cigars (variety)
  25. cigaremt 6 Single Cigars (variety)
  26. StogieDude 5 Single Cigars, Gurkha Colibri Grip Cutter, Xikar Ash Can Car Ashtray
  27. ExNukeSquid 5 Tabak Red Eye’s
  28. Burnin-Brass 2 Drew Estate Army Hats
  29. G3173 6 Gurkhas and a Piney the Elder

Therefore we are currently at 9 prizes yet not a single cigar yet! Would you like to donate a prize to the contest??? Let me know in a comment below. PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES ABOVE BEFORE YOU AGREE TO SENDING A PRIZE. Thanks in advance for having fun with us on the Dojo!!

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