Welcome to the very frist in a new series on The Cigar Dojo, called the “Cigar Smoking Quick Tip”. The Quick Tip is designed to offer a super short (easy to read) tip(s) on smoking, maintaining, buying cigars, and other cigar related items.

QUICK TIP: Most cigar smokers know that it’s a good idea to rotate your cigars in your humidor every month or so (i.e., moving the cigars that are on the left to right, etc.). This rotation helps your cigars keep an even humidity level and therefore have a better aging environment which in turn makes them burn and smoke better. Yet one tip that many cigars smokers might not know is in addition to rotating your cigars you can also flip your cigars. When you flip your cigars you turn them so the label is down, instead of up (or vice versa). Flipping your cigars is one more way of ensuring your cigars are evenly humidified. Using this method will ensure your cigars burn and smoke to their utmost potential.

Cigar Smoking Tip

It’s a good idea to occasionally flip your cigars from label up to label down to ensure a even aging environment for your cigars.

Cigar Smoking Quick Tips

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