Today I am lucky enough to get a chance to smoke a Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema. This exclusive cigar was created to celebrate Atlantic Cigars 15th year in business and will be a part of one of our upcoming cigar giveaways so I thought it be best if I knew what it tasted like before I reccomended it to the Dojo. The first thing you will notice about the Oliva Aniversario Diadema is it’s perfect outer construction, with a subtle perfecto shape and literally no noticeable seems on this beautiful Habano wrapper. I have grown to like the perfecto shape because I think offers a bit more character and room for creative appearance. The double-band on this Aniversario Diadema is classy yet understated which I like. The Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema weighs in at 6 3/4×48.

Cigar review Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema

Upon cutting and taking a pre-light draw this cigar reveals a nutty taste combined with the proper amount of resistance. After toasting and lighting my first hint of flavor is a woodsy, leathery taste. It reminds me of a much refined version of other Oliva cigars such as the “G” or “O”, yet with more of a caramel and butter profile than the “V” which is more on the cocoa side of things. I can tell early on that this cigar is going to burn perfectly and provide a nice firm ash. I’m also enjoying the flavor of the tobacco on my tongue which is savory with hint of salt.

As we work our way down the cigar employing a little retrohale reveals a bit of a secret flavor profile in this limited edition cigar that reminds me of a meaty steak with a slight sweetness and nuttyness. This cigar seems very well balanced not smacking me in the face with any one particular flavor but instead offering me a nice journey through a wide variety of flavors which makes smoking this cigar very enjoyable.

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cigar review

As I near the end of my journey with the Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema cigar I find notes of leather, hazelnut, and a very welcome subtle sweetness that I didn’t notice earlier. All of these flavors however seem to be well mixed in the cigar almost as if the blender wanted to keep the smoker guessing as to the turn the cigar might offer just around the next bend. At less than 9 bucks per stick this is a MUST try especially for any Oliva fans out there. This cigar would pair brilliantly with a cup of coffee or possibly even a mellow red wine such a Merlot.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
With it’s perfect construction, well balanced flavor profile and very reasonable price point I would most certainly smoke this stick again. I love smoking a cigar that takes ZERO effort on my part to smoke. Light it, and enjoy it!

Cigar review and rating Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema

Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema
Gorgeous appearance and solid performer in every category.
  • Gorgeous
  • Sophisticated flavor
  • Excellent performance
  • Could use more flavor
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