My Father No. 1

One of the most popular ultra premium cigars is the My Father and it’s amazing that we  haven’t reviewed this cigar yet. Well, today is the day I will review one of my favorite smokes of all-time, the My Father No. 1. This natural wrapped Nicaraguan cigar is a thing of beauty! Weighing in at just over 5 inches long with a 52 ring gauge it’s literally the perfect sized cigar. The wrapper is a medium brown/tan and the label is a intricate white, green, pink, red, and gold work of art.

My Father cigar review and rating

This cigar feels beefy in your hands with a firm pack and hefty weight. The pre-light draw does offer a bit more resistance than I normally prefer but the draw ultimately works perfectly with the massive amount of thick satisfying smoke that the My Father cigar will produce. This cigar is complex. Luxurious flavors of exotic spice that shift in your mouth as they float across your palette. The My Father is a full bodied, full strength cigar that should satisfy even the most hardened smoker. As my best buddy Brian says… “this cigar tastes like Christmas”. And while I’m not really sure what Christmas tastes like… I know it’s good.

The burn on the My Father is perfect as you will get a razor sharp burn with a firm ash all the way to the nub and even when you get to the end you wont want to stop. The taste of the tobacco on your tongue is a savory, salty, meaty flavor, that has me loving life with every draw. As you can tell this is clearly one of my favroite cigars, in fact this cigar made our list as one of the top 5 best cigars that don’t orignate from Cuba. Nothing about the My Father is ordinary, the construction, flavors, and strength are all outstanding and its no wonder that these cigars have taken the industry by storm.

My Father cigar review
Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Does the Pope wear a funny hat?? You can bet your butt that the My Father will always have a spot in the top shelf of my humidor.

My Father No. 1
The Father No. 1 will keep you coming back for more. Hitting all the right notes this cigar is a winner.
  • Complex spicy flavors
  • Amazing Construction
  • Nice strength kick
  • A tad expensive
90%Top Shelf
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