Warlock Churchill

In folklore a Warlock is a male witch. I’m not sure how that applies to cigars but who cares because this massive Warlock Churchill cigar looks tasty. In 2011 the robusto sized Warlock came in at number 9 on Cigar Afficiando’s top 25 list so I have some fairly high expectations for this cigar. The look of this cigar is somewhat ordinary with a nice brown Ecudorian wrapper and a understated black and silver label.

Warlock cigar review

After cutting I am greeted with a very nice pre-light draw. When I toast the cigar and light it the first impression I got was very pleasant. Leathery, nutty flavor and a very nice chalky smoke that coated my palette. Initially the cigar is medium bodied but that flavor ramps up dramatically as you smoke it. Ultimately this is a full bodied smoke. This cigar is a bit like a 1995 Buick Regal, nothing real special about the curb appeal but it’s a solid daily driver.

Warlock cigar rating

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One downside to this cigar was I did need to relight it twice. I have had this cigar in my humidor for several months, so I’m sure the minor burn issue wasn’t from the condition of the cigar. One nice thing about this cigar was the long life, I could have built a small fleet of ships in a bottle in the time it took me to smoke this Warlock so make sure to set aside a full hour and forty-five minutes.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Maybe. It certainly wasn’t a bad smoke but I can’t see myself thinking much about this cigar in a month or so.

Warlock Churchill
While it's not likely you will be disappointed by this stick it's also not likely you will have much memory of it.
  • Enjoyable flavors
  • Good price point
  • Long burner
  • Need relights
  • Some construction issues
84%Daily Driver
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