Cuban Castaway Churchill

We’ve all seen them right? At the local corner store, the front desk of any gas station, at every pit stop on every road trip and in all liquor stores: The Cuban Castaway by Smoker friendly.

So what’s the deal with these things? Why are they everywhere and are they worth the “steep” $2 price tag? Well, I have decided to answer this for you and the results might just shock you!

Cuban Castaway cigar review

I picked one of these up while I was getting gas because I couldn’t stand to keep looking at them without knowing. When I got it home, I had to get right to business. This is a long, 7 x 48 Churchill with a greenish-hue to the wrapper that felt a little loose to the touch, which is likely due to the filler which is a combination of long filler mixed with short “table scraps”. I cut and tested the draw, which was surprisingly easy for a long, thin cigar like this. Lighting was quick and painless. I hate when toasting takes more then a minute and this was a nice, 20-second toast. Right out of the gate, the flavors were intense with an interesting spicy, sweet sourdough taste. It was a lot more full than I expected, but not as full as one of those ultra-premium canons you’re holding in your humi. Still, the flavors were quite pronounced. The draw was super easy, something you have to watch because one too many puffs causes a slight bitterness.

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Cuban Castaway cigar review

After about halfway through this cigar, the flavors mellow out to a nice creamy spice, not all that different from a low end Fuente.

I smoked a good amount of this Castaway and I’m not going to lie to you, I was overwhelmingly surprised at how decent this two dollar cigar was! So next gas station you’re at, grab the spare change in you dash and give one of these Cuban Castaways a try. You might be surprised!

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
For $2, you can’t beat the price! And to be honest it’s really not bad.

Cuban Castaway Churchill
Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you only have 2 bucks for a cigar you might grab one of these.
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  • Two dollars
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