Liga Privada T52

Today I will be smoking a robusto sized Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate. This 5×54 stick has one of the nicest looking caps you will ever see, you almost don’t want to cut the cigar because it just looks so perfect. But hey,this cigar is calling my name so I got to fire this baby up.

Liga Privada T52 cigar review

Now that is a great looking cap!

After cutting and taking a pre-light draw I am greeted with a perfect draw and some neat spice cabinet flavors. This cigar features a stalk-cut Habano wrapper which is supposed to provide a fuller more heartier flavor. After toasting and lighting I find that typical of the Liga line this cigar has a great smoke output, tons of chalky, thick, dry smoke, billowing from my mouth. Very satisfying.

Liga Privada T52 cigar reviews and rating

The wrapper has some peeling, I’m hoping it’s just this one sample.

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One odd thing was the wrapper on this cigar did begin to peel a bit but it didn’t seem to effect the performance on the burn of the T52 too much. I’m fairly certain that was a anomaly with this one cigar, I have a couple more samples so I will see if they have any similar issues in the future. The T52 is a full flavored, full bodied cigar and the flavor profile contains hints of nut, leather, and a bit of subtle spice. As I move through the cigar I can notice a strong cinnamon flavor coming through and even a slight sweetness.

I think the T52 is good cigar but I don’t think it’s in the same class as the Liga Privada no. 9 which in my opinion is a much better cigar.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?Yes, and I am looking forward to trying another T52 to see if it has similar wrapper peeling issues. I loved the flavor of this cigar and the thick smoke but if I had the choice I prefer the No. 9 over the T52.

Liga Privada T52
Sadly the Liga Privada T52 often times suffers from an extremely fragile wrapper.
  • Deep, rich flavor
  • Tons of smoke
  • Fragile wrapper
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