San Cristobal Clasico

San Cristobal Clasico

Is it a cigar or a jalapeño wrapped in tobacco?

When you have a website that features cigar reviews it becomes tough to make each and every cigar review sound unique. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of creating a plethora of cigar reviews that all sound “cookie cutter”. Yet every now and then a cigar hits you with a very strong profile which makes writing the cigar review extremely easy and such is the case with today’s cigar the San Cristobal Clasico (robusto).

The San Cristobal is a spicy little cigar packed with full flavor and full strength. There are two distinct kinds of spicy cigars, i.e., cigars that have old-world spice with flavors of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. and there are cigars that have peppery spices that might remind you of Jalapeño, Cayenne, or Chili pepper. The San Cristobal from the Ashton company hits me with a very strong peppery spice. It’s almost as if I am smoking a bottle of Tabasco sauce. There was a clear ZING on my tongue the entire time I smoked this cigar and it certainly held my attention. I very much enjoyed the spicy flavor of this cigar.

The San Cristobal is rolled for the Ashton cigar company by none other than Jose ’Don Pepin’ Garcia who seems to be at the epicenter of so many great cigars these days.

The draw on this 5×50 stick was downright perfect and while the cigar burned good it did have the desire to burn in a diagonal from start to finish. My only real criticism of this cigar (and it’s a small one) was that you could begin to taste a slight tar flavor just past the halfway mark and normally I don’t like sensing that tar flavor until I am almost done, but even still this was a excellent cigar and I would certainly recommend this one to all my cigar smoking friends. Furthermore, these babies look super cool sitting in your humidor because of the beautiful looking construction and the neat label that features a bright red Parrot and some very intricate gold embossing on the label (I’m a sucker for well designed packaging).

San Cristobal Clasico cigar review

Maybe I will crumble this cigar up and sprinkle it on my burrito because it’s spicy!

The San Cristobal Clasico will set you back about $8 per stick and I haven’t seen these on sale very often so if you happen to see them for less, you should grab a few.

San Cristobal Clasico
A spicy, spicy, stick that suffers from last third tar flavors.
  • Great presentation
  • Perfect draw
  • Grabs your attention
  • Tar flavor near the finish
  • Disappointing finish
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