Cigar enthusiasts have more variety to check into through the Dojoverse app on a daily basis, with the app hitting 5,000 cigars in the database on Monday of this week.

While The Dojo has had an app since 2012 (we are the first and largest social cigar app), it has only existed in its modern Dojoverse form since 2020. In the early days, cigars were added in much larger chunks (as there was simply more to choose from), hitting 1,000 cigars in Oct. 2020, the 2,000 mark in Dec. 2020, and the 3,000 mark in Sep. 2021. Since this time, we’ve been on a somewhat steady path of adding 1,000 cigars roughly every 11 to 14 months, hitting 4,000 cigars in Aug. 2022 and now 5,000 for the fall of 2023.

In other words, we’re adding nearly 18 cigars per week, which now includes both photo and a brief description on every cigar (along with stats, such as wrapper, factory, body, and more). As far as companies/brands are concerned, these update a lot slower, though 83 were added since last Aug.

Since our 4,000-cigar update, we like to provide a snapshot of the top 10 cigars and top 10 companies/brands. These can always be viewed in realtime on the app, but comparing movement over time can provide added insight.

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As of today, the Top 10 Cigars (all-time) include:

Rank Cigar Brand Check-ins Score YoY Change
1 Espinosa Crema Espinosa Premium Cigars 4,376 99% None
2 Undercrown Maduro Drew Estate 3,809 99% None
3 Undercrown 10 Drew Estate 2,862 99% Up 4
4 Protocol Themis Cubariqueño Cigar Company 2,992 99% Down 1
5 Murcielago Espinosa Premium Cigars 2,546 99% None
6 Liga Privada No. 9 Drew Estate 2,509 99% None
7 Espinosa Habano Espinosa Premium Cigars 2,425 99% Up 2
8 Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Perdomo Cigars 2,287 99% Up (Unknown)
9 Laranja Reserva Espinosa Premium Cigars 2,287 99% Up (Unknown)
10 Mi Querida Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust 2,254 99% Up (Unknown)

The Top 10 Brands/Companies (all-time) include:

Rank Brand Cigars Check-ins Score YoY Change
1 Drew Estate 157 50,898 99% None
2 Espinosa Premium Cigars 120 43,096 99% None
3 Aganorsa Leaf 72 25,174 99% None
4 Cigar Dojo 32 22,869 99% Up 1
5 Tatuaje Cigars 135 20,342 99% Up 1
6 General Cigar Co. 280 21,052 97% Up 1
7 Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust 43 19,193 99% Up 1
8 Cubariqueño Cigar Co. 37 18,962 99% Down 4
9 Camacho Cigars 72 14,405 99% None
10 Undercrown 13 12,372 99% Up (Unknown)

While the companies/brands have a similar look to last year’s snapshot, there’s been a good amount of movement in terms of cigars, including newcomers from Perdomo, Espinosa, and Dunbarton. The Espinosa Crema continues apace, proving itself nearly unstoppable. Drew Estate continues its slow and methodical climb to replace the top 10 with strictly Undercrown/Liga Privada. Protocol saw a drop, losing ground on two cigars and dropping as a brand. Companies/brands saw an average growth of 71% in terms of checkins, nearly doubling what they’d accomplished over the previous two years in the span of only 14 months. Dunbarton and Tatuaje saw the biggest growth, jumping 104% and 86% respectively.

Finally, in related Dojoverse news, one of our largest updates since launching in 2020 is now underway, and should be deployed within the next month.

The above charts are static snapshots of the current leaderboards. However, these Top 10 rankings are fluid and are likely to change over time.

The all-time cigar leaderboard can be viewed in real time here, and the all-time brand leaderboard can be viewed in real time here.

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