UPDATE: Our winner of the Pick’em Contest is Wayne friggin’ Brock who stunned the judges getting 15 out of 15 possible points. Absolutely unbelievable! The following members got 14 out of 15 points in the Pick’em Contest. But only the first 2 will get prizes since their picks were made before the others: James Herndon, Donald Barton, Steve McAskill, Aaron Maniscalco, Zack Johns, brian clancy, Bernard Boueri.

Yes folks the Big Game is this weekend and it’s your chance to win some great prizes from Cigar Dojo. You don’t even need to know anything about football to win (but it helps if you do). All you need to do is make some predictions about how the game will unfold and the best guesser will win. The grand prize features 10 cigars, 2 new Dojo rocks glasses, and a new Dojo challenge coin. Two runner-up winners will each get a 5-pack of cigars. May the best guesser win!

You must enter prior to kick-off on February 7th 2021. If you submit multiple entries only your most recent entry will be considered as your official entry – your previous entries will be rejected.


Sneak peek at some of the winnings…

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