It isn’t often that we are afforded the opportunity to look back at the progress achieved in the world of premium cigars over the course of a decade. From the perspective of many American cigar smokers—only actively concerning ourselves with handmade cigars since the great cigar boom of the ’90s—this is only the third such event where we can take a meaningful look back, examining the most impactful cigar releases from 2010 to 2019.

In addition to marking the industry’s reluctant transition from long-established customs into the digital era, the twenty-teens were punctuated by movements such as increasingly large ring gauges, amped-up smoking profiles (with an emphasis on the once-mild Connecticut), Mexican San Andrés-wrapped everything, high-profile collaborations, and a micro-batch movement on par with that of the craft beer industry, among others. Along the way, certain cigars stood out as being particularly impactful, whether it be on the industry as a whole, in cult circles, or marking the inception of some of the many companies that will lead the way into the next generation of premium cigars. This list consists of 50 such cigars that left a lasting impact.

The list below is not numbered, as it is not intended to highlight the best cigars, but rather a wide range of cigars that left an impact. Instead, it can be sorted in a number of ways by clicking each section’s header, allowing for alphabetical (and reverse) sorting of each category.
Company Cigar Country Release Status
Aganorsa Leaf Guardian of the Farm Nicaragua 2016 Regular / Current
AJF Cigar Co. Bellas Artes Nicaragua 2016 Regular / Current
AJF Cigar Co. San Lotano Habano Nicaragua 2010 Regular / Current
Alec Bradley Fine & Rare HJ10-I Honduras 2011 Limited / Semi-retired
Arturo Fuente Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel’s Share Dominican Republic 2012 Limited / Current
Arturo Fuente Don Arturo Aniversario Destino al Siglo Dominican Republic 2013 Limited / Current
Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba Dominican Republic 2014 Regular / Current
Ashton La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Nicaragua 2010 Regular / Current
Asylum Cigars Asylum 13 Nicaragua 2012 Regular / Current
AVO Cigars AVO Syncro Nicaragua Dominican Republic 2015 Regular / Current
Caldwell Cigar Co. Eastern Standard Dominican Republic 2014 Regular / Current
Camacho Cigars American Barrel-Aged Dominican Republic 2015 Regular / Current
Cohiba Behike BHK Cuba 2010 Limited / Current
Crowned Heads Four Kicks Dominican Republic 2011 Regular / Current
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2014 Nicaragua 2014 Limited / Retired
Davidoff Cigars Davidoff Nicaragua Dominican Republic 2013 Regular / Current
Davidoff Cigars Davidoff Yamasá Dominican Republic 2016 Regular / Current
Davidoff Cigars 702 Series Dominican Republic 2017 Regular / Current
Davidoff Cigars Oro Blanco Dominican Republic 2014 Limited / Current
Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Nicaragua 2013 Regular / Current
Drew Estate Undercrown Nicaragua 2011 Regular / Current
Drew Estate Liga Privada Único Serie Dirty Rat Nicaragua 2010 Limited / Current
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Sobremesa Nicaragua 2015 Regular / Current
EPC Cigar Co. La Historia Dominican Republic 2014 Regular / Current
Espinosa Premium Cigars Espinosa Habano Nicaragua 2012 Regular / Current
Espinosa Premium Cigars Laranja Reserva Nicaragua 2014 Regular / Current
Foundation Cigar Co. El Güegüense Nicaragua 2015 Regular / Current
Illusione Cigars Rothchildes Nicaragua 2013 Regular / Current
Illusione Cigars Singularé Phantoms Nicaragua 2010 Limited / Current
Illusione Cigars Haut 10 Nicaragua 2016 Limited / Current
J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Dominican Republic 2010 Regular / Current
Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco Reserva Especial Nicaragua 2015 Regular / Current
Joya de Nicaragua Número Uno Nicaragua 2019 Limited / Current
JRE Tobacco Co. Aladino Honduras 2015 Regular / Current
La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull Dominican Republic 2016 Regular / Current
La Flor Dominicana LFD 1994 Dominican Republic 2014 Regular / Current
La Palina Cigars Goldie Laguito No. 2 USA 2012 Limited / Retired
My Father Cigars Flor de Las Antillas Nicaragua 2012 Regular / Current
Oliva Cigar Co. Serie V Melanio Nicaragua 2012 Regular / Current
Padrón Cigars Padrón 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Nicaragua 2014 Limited / Current
Perdomo Cigars Perdomo Double Aged 12-Year Vintage Nicaragua 2014 Regular / Current
Plasencia Cigars Alma Fuerte Nicaragua 2016 Regular / Current
RoMa Craft Tobac CroMagnon Nicaragua 2011 Regular / Current
RoMa Craft Tobac Neanderthal Nicaragua 2015 Regular / Current
Room101 One Shot One Kill Honduras 2012 Limited / Retired
Tatuaje Cigars Tatuaje TAA 2011 Nicaragua 2011 Limited / Retired
Tatuaje Cigars CQ1 Nicaragua 2013 Limited / Retired
Tatuaje Cigars Pork Tenderloin Nicaragua 2010 Limited / Retired
Viaje Cigars Skull and Bones Daisy Cutter Honduras 2010 Limited / Retired
Warped Cigars Don Reynaldo USA 2014 Regular / Current
It’s a challenging task picking only 50 cigars from the thousands released over the past decade, undoubtedly passing over many smokers’ top picks. Let us know in the comments and on social media your picks for cigars of the decade.
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  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
  • Aganorsa Leaf
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