Assouline, a company described as “the first luxury brand on culture,” is set to release the followup to The Impossible Collection of Wine book, now showcasing The Impossible Collection of Cigars by Aaron Sigmond.

The book envisions the ultimate humidor, highlighting the most cherished and sought-after cigars throughout each of the major cigar-producing regions of the world. Aaron Sigmond, editor of Smoke magazine and author of Playboy: The Book of Cigars, spent extensive time in South America assembling the ultimate collection for the connoisseur, with the majority of his time spent in Cuba.

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The Impossible Collection of Cigars sets out to feature the most remarkable cigars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from the most prestigious makers, including Padrón, Arturo Fuente, Davidoff, and Rocky Patel, among others.

The Impossible Collection of Cigars is a bid for readers to journey to the fabled Cuban tobacco farms, get up close and personal with the torcedores (master cigar rollers) as they discover the world’s most commendable and coveted cigars. Considering the differences and attributes of cigars like Nicaragua’s Padrón to Dominican Republic’s Arturo Fuente and Davidoff of Geneva, Honduras’ Rocky Patel to the Bahamas’ Graycliff, and, of course, Cuba’s arsenal of legendary smokes, Sigmond’s is a list any connoisseur could only dream of.

Impossible Collection of Cigars book Arturo Fuente pages

As the book is crafted by Assouline and the company’s respected, artisanal approach to bookmaking, the piece is considered “works of art in their own right.” The Impossible Collection of Cigars is hand-bound and showcases expert quality, such as hand-tipped color plates and art-quality paper. The oversized luxury-edition book is presented in a display made to mimic traditional wooden cigar boxes and includes 232 pages and over 100 illustrations.

The Impossible Collection of Cigars will be released in July 2019 and arrives with a price point as luxurious as the cigars it seeks to explore—set at $995 and targeted towards the discerning aficionado/collector of both cigars and fine print.

Impossible Collection of Cigars book hand-tipped pages

The Creation of the Ultimate Collection – ASSOULINE from Assouline Publishing on Vimeo.

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