2018 marks the 7th annual Christmas gift giving event on the Cigar Dojo! It’s the world-famous Secret Santa program and we want this year’s event to be the biggest ever.

Now let’s go over the rules, shall we?

Secret Santa 2018 Overview

The madness begins now, as in, the moment you read this post!

Enter Now - Cigar Contest

A brief description: If you would like to participate, you will fill out our Secret Santa form, acknowledging that you would like to GIVE & RECEIVE cigars (and more) and agree to comply with the guidelines we set in place. After tallying participants, the Cigar Dojo staff will then randomly assign participants to whom they will give cigars. You will then have 3 days to send Christmas bombs (see below).

Secret Santa 2018 Schedule

  1. Fill out the Secret Santa participation form | runs 11/27/18 – 12/11/18
  2. You will receive an email on (or before) 12/14/18 from Cigar Dojo informing you who you will send cigars to (PLEASE KEEP YOUR RECIPIENT SECRET)
  3. Send Christmas cigar bombs between Dec. 17th and Dec. 19th (Priority Mail recommended)
  4. Post pictures of your received bomb(s) on the Cigar Dojo app with #dojoSanta

Extra Info

  • Due to the nature of this cigar giveaway, we cannot guarantee all participants will receive cigars. In theory, you will… This is why the contest should be looked at more as a fun way to GIVE cigars, not receive.
  • It is suggested that all participants be regular Cigar Dojo members with at least 1 month participation on the Cigar Dojo app and at least 10 posts. Users without these stats may be rejected (admission to participate ultimately lies at Cigar Dojo staff’s discretion).
  • All bombs should include a minimum of 5 premium cigars (stuff that you, yourself, would be happy to smoke). Cigars should be in the $7 to $15 range per cigar as a general rule.
  • AND… it will be encouraged that Christmas Bombers (Santas) include extracurricular “stocking stuffers” with their bombs. This is your signature, the “it factor” that sends your gift over the top! We’re talking about the unexpected, such as: fun and regional gifts you couldn’t find anywhere else!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  • Your favorite craft beer/soda/coffee
  • Crazy craft snacks like beef jerky, spicy pickles, or hot sauce
  • Gag gifts: personal autographed portrait
  • Homemade Christmas cookies…

You get the idea, make it fun and/or funny. Comment below with any questions.

—Merry Christmas Dojo!

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