In March 2014, roughly two years after Cigar Dojo emerged as the first socially geared cigar smartphone app, the platform teamed with Drew Estate and Smoke Inn to introduce the now-legendary Undercrown Dogma cigar. The term “Dogma” was coined by “Baitfish” Gary (father of Jonathan Drew), coinciding with Cigar Dojo’s own dogma/motto, “Never Smoke Alone.” The cigar itself was special on multiple fronts: a) it featured a tweaked/amped-up version of the Undercrown blend (similar to Undercrown Corona ¡Viva!) that made for a more intense and full-flavored smoking experience, b) Undercrown Dogma marked the first-ever box-pressed Undercrown cigar, which noticeably increased the cigar’s complexity and draw, and c) Dogma was the first collaboration in the popular Undercrown lineup.

Undercrown Dogma was released exclusively through Smoke Inn, being sold in two separate batches that collectively sold out of all 650 bundles in roughly 10 hours! This was the beginning of the cigar’s “unicorn status,” where prices ramped up quickly on the secondary market and demand surged for the wildly popular maduros—allegedly reaching highs of $400 to $600 per bundle.

This was the beginning of the cigar’s “unicorn status,” where prices ramped up quickly on the secondary market and demand surged for the wildly popular maduros

The “Dogma experience” brought about multiple other collaborative projects with Cigar Dojo and Smoke Inn, including the classically geared Dojo de Luxe by Quesada Cigars (blended by legendary master blender, Manuel Quesada) and the radical, craft-centric style of Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged by Camacho Cigars (featuring tobaccos fermented in barrels formerly containing Ten FIDY Imperial Stout by Oskar Blues).

Each year since 2015, Cigar Dojo has taken a select group of community members to Nicaragua, exploring Drew Estate’s famed factory through the Cigar Safari. On the first tour, Master Sensei (owner of Cigar Dojo) noticed a familiarly shaped stash of un-banded cigars in Drew Estate’s large aging room. The peculiar cigars were no doubt a surplus of Undercrown Dogma, and the Dojo group was given a small sampling to enjoy on the safari.

Each year following, more samples were brought out for additional Dojo groups, and Sensei was continuously struck by how well the cigars took to the added age. Finally, on the most recent Estelí excursion (nearly four years after the original Dogma release), it was decided that the aging Dogmas were simply too magnificent to be withheld exclusively for Dojo safaris any longer, and Cigar Dojo and Drew Estate reached an agreement to release the remaining stash once and for all!

Every year, seeing that shelf of Dogmas was so exciting, I just wanted to share it with the entire dojo… as many as I could. I knew we had to convince the Drew Estate team to allow enthusiasts to experience this amazing cigar once again.Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo

Indeed, over 100 bundles of original Dogma cigars have recently reached the Smoke Inn inventory, and we’ve decided to release them as part of a collection that we’re dubbing the “Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection,” featuring all 3 releases from Cigar Dojo and Smoke Inn Cigars. This rare collection features 1 bundle of Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged and 5 Undercrown Dogma cigars. As an added bonus, we’re adding 4 Dojo de Luxe cigars, free of charge (while supplies last)!

Undercrown Dogma and Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged were two of the most innovative projects we’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. It’s exciting to be able to offer enthusiasts and collectors another chance to be a part of the fun. I’m especially pleased to see how the original Dogmas have taken to the added age—it’s even better than I remember!Abe Dababneh, owner of Smoke Inn Cigars

Beginning March 8, 2018, the Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection will go live at at noon, Eastern Standard Time. The collection features one full bundle of Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged, five Undercrown Dogma cigars, and four Quesada Dojo de Luxe cigars (which are being included outside of the collection’s MSRP, essentially a bonus gift from Smoke Inn). In addition, each extra purchase will not only add four more Dojo de Luxe cigars, but will allow enthusiasts the chance to receive full bundles of Dogma cigars, as they were originally sold in 2014.

Purchasing Examples

Order one Ultimate Collection & receive:

  • Camacho ISBA (1 bundle (10 cigars))
  • Undercrown Dogma (5 cigars)
  • Dojo de Luxe (BONUS 4 cigars)

Order two Ultimate Collections & receive:

  • Camacho ISBA (2 bundles (20 cigars))
  • Undercrown Dogma (1 bundle (10 cigars))
  • Dojo de Luxe (BONUS 8 cigars)

Order three Ultimate Collections & receive:

  • Camacho ISBA (3 bundles (30 cigars))
  • Undercrown Dogma (1 bundle, 5 cigars (15 cigars total))
  • Dojo de Luxe (BONUS 12 cigars)

This pattern extends to as many orders customers choose to make, while supplies last (roughly 100 Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collections total).

Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection cigar sampler explanation

Cigar Dojo Ultimate Collection Breakdown

  • Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged (ISBA)
  • Drew Estate Undercrown Dogma
  • Quesada Dojo de Luxe
  • Production: Limited Edition (100 “Collections”)
  • Price: $149.75 (includes free Dojo de Luxe cigars)
  • Release Date: March 8, 2018 at 12:00 (EST)
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