As the FDA’s imposed regulations on the cigar industry draw near, Quesada Cigars has announced the return of their limited edition Q d’etat cigar line. Quesada Q d’etat (pronounced “kyo͞o dey-tah”) is a play on the French phrase, coup d’état, meaning “a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.”

Quesada Cigars was among the first brands to respond to government encroachment on the cigar industry, releasing Q d’etat in 2012. It’s now a common response for many manufacturers to release politically driven cigars, but Q d’etat was at the forefront of the current battle.

Q d’etat consisted of three uniquely shaped vitolas using two different blends: Molotov (a perfecto resembling the bottle-shaped Molotov cocktail weapon — Dominican puro blend), Howitzer (6″ x 60 — Dominican puro blend), and Daga (a pointed/dagger-shaped Salomon — multi-national blend, see below). When initially introduced in 2012, the cigars were limited to 1,000 boxes of 10 cigars per size (30,000 cigars total). The cigars became somewhat of a cult hit and were quick to sell out.

Quesada Q d’etat 2017

Quesada Q d’etat 2017 Molotov cigar box open

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For 2017, Quesada is set to re-release Q d’etat in limited numbers. The cigars are slated for a summer release, being sold to retailers at the IPCPR show in July. However, Quesada has partnered with Cigar Dojo and Payless Cigars & Pipes to give the Cigar Dojo community a sneak peek, with pre-release access through online retailer Payless Cigars & Pipes! Not only this, but Dojo members will also receive the cigars at a special discount price. Quesada Q d’etat will become available for Cigar Dojo members on June 1, 2017—nearly six weeks before the cigar’s full-scale, public introduction.

The Quesada Q d’etat was not only prescient in its call to fight back against government encroachment on our rights as cigar smokers; it was also a huge success and sold out within days of launching. Producing a follow up run at this particular moment in time made a lot of sense and it also gave us the opportunity to work with Payless and Cigar Dojo to provide a great opportunity to get their hands on the cigars before we fully release them this summer.Terence Reilly, Quesada Cigars

Cigar enthusiasts are encouraged to download the Cigar Dojo app—the world’s first and largest social cigar app—simply create an account and receive further instructions on how to take part in this special offer.

The Quesada Q d’etat was a really unique product that was way ahead of its time when originally released in 2012, foreshadowing the fight against over-regulation in the cigar industry. Getting the chance to re-release these beauties to the Dojo community is something that we are really excited about.

A great product with special privileges for Cigar Dojo members. What’s not to love?Eric Guttormson, Cigar Dojo

When asked about the upcoming project with Quesada and Cigar Dojo, Danny Szarmach of Payless Cigars & Pipes commented:

It is always good to further our partnerships within the industry. Having such an exceptional product in the Quesada Q d’etat to do so, is even better. As the government continues to infringe on the rights of peoples’ choices, it is tremendous to strengthen our bond in working with Quesada and Cigar Dojo on this release. We are very eager to get these 3 vitolas in from Quesada, and have the early release to the Cigar Dojo community this summer.

Quesada Q d’etat 2017 cigars

Quesada Q d’etat Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Dominican (Molotov & Howitzer) | Ecuadorian Arapiraca (Daga)
  • Binder: Dominican (Molotov & Howitzer) | Cuban Seed Criollo ’98 (Daga)
  • Filler: Dominican (Molotov & Howitzer) | Dominican & Nicaraguan (Daga)
  • Factory: Quesada Cigars (Dominican Republic)
  • Production: Limited Edition (22,500 cigars)
  • Vitolas: 3
  • Price: $7.95 – $9.75 (MSRP)
  • Release: June 1, 2017 (Dojo Pre-sale) | July 11, 2017 (IPCPR public sale)
  • Molotov: 5″ x 38/58/44 figurado | $7.95 (MSRP) | 1,000 boxes of 10
  • Howitzer: 6″ x 60 gordo | $9.50 (MSRP) | 750 boxes of 10
  • Daga: 7½” x 54 salomon | $9.75 (MSRP) | 500 boxes of 10
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