Get ready folks because this Saturday (April 23rd) is Cigarbecue!!. Cigarbecue is all about smoking cigars and cooking and eating food…. All. Day. Long. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can participate in Cigarbecue – just grab your Cigar Dojo app and plan to cook a lot of food and smoke a lot of cigars. You can invite all your friends over and have your own Cigarbecue party at your house or just cook for yourself and join the fun with the rest of us on the Dojo app. There are no rules, just smoke, cook, drink, and smoke some more! The best part is Cigarbecue is sponsored by our good friends at Camacho Cigars so there will be tons of great prizes awarded during the event.

WHEN: April 23rd 2016
TIME: All-day, all-night
WHERE: Wherever you are, all you need is the Dojo app on your phone.
ESSENTIALS: Cigars, Food, Cold Drink, and more Cigars.

Maxxrocket is the Dojo’s resident food grilling expert.

Cigarbecue will be hosted by Dojo legend Maxxrocket, who promises to share some of his world-class cooking tricks during the event.

Thousands of cigar fanatics all spending the day smoking, cooking and drinking great tasting cigars, food, and drinks!

Prizes will be awarded to the folks that post the best, most creative, most funny, most artistic images of their local Cigarbecue (tune in for details).

This years Cigarbecue is brought to you by the fine folks at Camacho Cigars.


The Cigarbecue is about friends and fellowship, so make sure to mark your calendars for the most fun event to EVER happen on the Cigar Dojo app.

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