UPDATE: We have chosen the winners for the #whiskeyDojo contest, running during our Cigars & Whiskey Night on the Cigar Dojo app.

While cigar enthusiasts across the country showed off some of their favorite whiskey and stogie pairings, including small batch, rare, local, and every other form of whiskey in between, we asked members to share their most creative pairings and pics with #whiskeyDojo

After a couple of (much needed) days to recuperate, we’ve selected suicideblonde and Maluhia K. as our winners! It’s not often you see the ladies sweep the winnings, let alone in a “manly” night of whiskies, but their entries managed to perfectly capture the mood of the night!

Cigars and Whiskey Night contest winners

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It’s Cigars & Whiskey Night on the Dojo! We know what you’re thinking, “This sounds amazing, but how do I participate?” Well, read on for all the juicy details, young grasshopper!

First, a brief history lesson: the Cigar Dojo app launched in 2012, becoming the first socially-focused cigar app the world-over. Soon after, the very first “Global HERF” was arranged, featuring the Oliva Serie V cigar. The event was such a hit, we quickly expanded, featuring new cigar brands each month. Cigar fanatics would carefully (or not so carefully) plan out their selection for a night to fully appreciate a single brand. With literally thousands of cigar smokers across the world enjoying the same cigars at the same time, well let’s just say a good time was had by all…

To keep things fresh, we’ve now expanded these “Global HERFs” or “Virtual HERFs” to encompass a more broad theme, allowing for easier participation by all.

Cigars and Whiskey Night Information

The title says it all, grab your cigars and whiskey for the ultimate pairing! Now, just because we spell it whiskey (because we’re American, Dammit!) doesn’t mean that good ol’ Scotch isn’t invited (or Irish, Canadian, etc.).

The idea here is to explore what we feel is the best pairing known to man. So grab you craft stogies and whatever whiskeys, scotch, bourbon, etc. you feel will pair best and join us on the Dojo app for a night that’s sure to get interesting fast…

NOTE: Non-drinkers are welcome too! Just find a fun pairing to go with your cigar selection and you’ll be just fine.
  • Where: Cigar Dojo app
  • When: Friday, January 29, 2016
  • Time: 6PM Eastern Time (you can join early or late to suit your schedule)
  • Event Hashtag: #whiskeyDojo

Event Prizes

It wouldn’t be a Dojo party without prizes!

Use #whiskeyDOJO to enter contest

At the end of the night (or maybe the next morning) we’ll pick our favorite TWO posts using #whiskeyDojo and dish out some prizes! There will be 2 winners, both will receive a variety of craft cigars and merch (including cigar and/or whiskey goodies)!

ALERT: share the image below on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #whiskeyDojo for an added entry to the contest!

Cigar Dojo Whiskey Night Virtual HERF social share

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