UPDATE: This contest is now over. The winner was Gadawg23 who not only picked the winner of the game correctly but was the only person out of the hundreds of entries that correctly guessed the total final score (60). Gadawg23 wins a full box of Sobremesa Corona Grande.

Browns vs Ravens

What’s better than watching Monday Night Football with all of your Dojo friends? Winning a full box of Sobremesa Cigars! Steve Saka appeared on Smoke Night LIVE and he generously offered up a box of 25 Corona Grande Sobremesa cigars to give away to the Dojo community. We thought it would be fun to test your football knowledge and award the box to the Dojo member who could most accurately pick the winner and total score of Monday night’s Ravens vs. Browns game. You don’t have to be a football expert or even a football fan to enter. Just fill out the form below and you are eligible to win!

To enter the contest you must…

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  • Atlantic Cigar Sale
  • Completely fill out the form below (partially complete entry forms will be discarded)
  • Must be a Cigar Dojo member

To win the contest…

  • You must accurately guess the winner of the Browns vs Ravens game (11-30-2015)
  • Have the closest guess to the total score without going over the total score (Ravens and Browns final scores combined)
  • You must fill out the form below only once (Subsequent entries will be disregarded)
  • You must submit the form prior to the kickoff of the Ravens vs Browns Game 11-30-2015.

Tie breaker

  • In the event of a tie (two or more Dojo members picking the winner and total score) the first person who filled out the form will be awarded the win.
  • In the remote event that the Ravens and the Browns end in a tie on the field, the person with the closest guess to the total score without going over and was first to submit their entry will be awarded the win


Carefully fill out the form below. Please do not fill out the form more than once. If you fill out the form a second time, only your first submission will be considered. You must fill out every portion of this form for your entry to be considered.


The entries for this contest are now closed. Good luck to everyone who entered.


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