Drew Estate is set to release its newest size in the Kentucky Fire Cured lineup—Hog’s Tooth, a 6×46 corona gorda vitola packaged in the familiar MUWAT 10-ct paper bundles.

KFC is a sub-brand of Drew Estate’s MUWAT by Subculture Studios and rolled at Joya de Nicaragua. The cigars feature Kentucky-grown tobacco, fire cured in Kentucky barns to create a unique smokiness. The cigars were originally introduced in 2013, with additional sizes following years after.

Jonathan Drew explained:

Friends, consumers, and retail operators all over the world have been sending me emails and texts asking how we make the KENTUCKY FIRE CURED cigars taste so good. My response, ‘It’s All About The Smoke’… For many decades, people have been smoking all sorts of luxury smoked consumables, including Scotch, steak, fish, and damn near anything consumable. The demand for that smoky burnt taste has only gotten stronger due to the long finish and thick layers of textured, southern delight. Today, we are proud to bring the newest size into the Fire Cured Family with our dear friends at Famous Smoke Shop. Wisely called ‘Hog’s Tooth’, this long corona size is perfect for the Kentucky Fire Cured line, and is going to make you scream out, right from your porch at home – ‘It’s All About The Smoke!!!’

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KFC Hog’s Tooth will be an exclusive size for online retailer Famous Smoke Shop, with an introduction scheduled for Oct. 29, 2015. Famous is hosting an in-store launch party for the new cigar, featuring food, drinks, and Hog’s Tooth cigars for sale for the first time.

Tickets are now available for sale at Eventbrite.


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