UPDATE: Due to our tight schedule with this year’s IPCPR show, we’ve decided to move the Throw Down Virtual HERF back. All event details remain the same, but the date will now be held on Friday, August 7th, rather the original date of July 24th.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused and hope you can join us for this exciting event!

If you’ve been on Cigar Dojo in the last month, you’ve (a) enjoyed the non-stop entertainment of the world’s greatest cigar app, and (b) noticed that Cigar Dojo has released our 3rd cigar project—Viaje Throw Down!

But… just in case you’ve been off the grid, allow us to elaborate. Viaje Throw Down features hand-selected tobaccos from Andre Farkas, the mastermind behind Viaje Cigars. Cigars were then sent to Cigar Dojo & Cigar Federation for testing, with both communities choosing their favorite blend to represent themselves in one epic cigar throw down! Bundled in packages of 10, Throw Down arrives with 5 cigars selected by Cigar Dojo and 5 cigars selected by Cigar Federation.

And here’s where things get interesting—when enough bundles of Throw Down have been sold, the official website throwdowncigar.com will host this brawl of historic proportions! I.e. purchasers will vote for their favorite blend, with the victor taking home all the bragging rights.

Throw Down Cigar Event

Cigar enthusiasts have been weighing in on their favorite cigar in the series for a month now, but we thought it’d be fun to host a live matchup, where cigar smokers from across the globe are encouraged to smoke both cigars and give their own commentary first-hand!

Join us on Friday, August 7th at 7PM EST for this monumental matchup! In classic Cigar Dojo fashion, there will be prizes, drinks, smokes, and top-notch entertainment. Whether you’re a Dojo fanatic, a Fed Head, or just a lover of the leaf, download the Cigar Dojo app and join us in our next Virtual HERF.

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All cigar enthusiasts are invited, but what fun would a throw down be without the Throw Down cigar?! No excuses, we’ve planned this event with enough lead time for all to receive their Throw Down cigars in time for the battle. Of course, we recommend purchasing two bundles: one for smoking and one for aging! There are only 500 bundles in the known universe, and when these babies are gone, they’re gone for good! If the Undercrown Dogma & Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla are any indicator, this will soon be a cigar that is in very high demand—don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Throw Down Cigars 10-count bundle

Event Details

  • What: Throw Down Virtual HERF
  • Where: Cigar Dojo app
  • When: August 7th
  • Time: 7pm Eastern Time
  • Steve Saka Cigars
  • Cigar Wars cigar ratings
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