The 83rd annual trade show & convention for the IPCPR is set to begin this weekend, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the major concerns for the show this year is the recent smoking ban in New Orleans.

Yes, it may seem counterintuitive to hold the largest premium cigar & pipes convention in a location where you can’t, you know, smoke… But, in defense of the IPCPR, the location was set well before the law went into effect.

Find A Smoking-Friendly Location

Fear not, while there is an active smoking ban, there are still places that are exempt from this ridiculous ban, and we’re here to help you find them!

If you’re asking yourself, “Is there an app for that?” YES, the Cigar Dojo app has been updated to include a large selection of IPCPR-approved bars, restaurants, and hotel courtyards/balconies that will allow smoking during the show.

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To find a smoking-friendly location: simply download the app and navigate to the “Cigar Shops” or “Cigar Bars” sections of the menu. Here you will find approved locations for smoking, as well as info such as phone numbers and even GPS driving directions.

IPCPR 2015 smoking locations on Cigar Dojo app

New Orleans Smoking Ban Rules

Use this list as a quick guide as to where smoking is allowed & where it is banned.

Smoking is allowed in these areas

  • Retail tobacconist stores/shops
  • Cigar bars
  • Earnest N. Morial Convention Center
  • IPCPR convention & IPCPR-hosted events
  • Bourbon Street
  • Patios, courtyards, balconies and outdoor areas
  • Facilities used exclusively for private functions under the control of an event sponsor or organizer
  • Hookah bars/vape shops
  • Parks
  • Public events (Mardi Gras parade-watching and celebrations)
  • Sidewalks and streets
  • Private homes
  • Outdoor shopping malls
  • Parking lots and garages

Smoking is NOT allowed in these areas

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Hotel & motel rooms
  • Poker halls
  • Stadiums, amphitheaters and outdoor arenas

We hope this guide makes your stay in New Orleans a little easier and stress-free!

For those attending, be sure to join us on Monday, July 20th at 7pm for our annual Cigar Dojo Bash event, located at La Habana Hemingway Cigar Bar—it’s the best cigar party of the year!

Information provided through the help of IPCPR &

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  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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