We had a ton of fun this week watching Dojo members get in touch with their inner red neck! And I think we all may have learned a thing or two about affordable indulgences that taste pretty darn good (well, not all of them…)!

Our contests this week were sponsored by Maya Selva Cigars, giving prizes to 6 lucky winners!

  • Meanska (1st place)
  • Konjis1 (2nd place)
  • Sir-Puff-Alot (2nd place)
  • Patrick J. (2nd place)
  • Not_Sure (3rd place)
  • ArmyRN (3rd place)

It’s time for another community-wide event on the Cigar Dojo app, that’s right, we’re talking about the infamous Virtual HERF! “A Virtual what-now?” You may be asking yourself. Plain and simple, our Virtual HERFs are some of the largest gatherings of cigar smokers in the world! Typically, we’ll arrange for any participating members of the Dojo to find cigars of a particular brand, having the entire community smoking and sharing thoughts/advice/opinions on said brand!

But for this special event, we’ve switched up the format a little…

  • Atlantic Cigar Sale
  • Joya de Nicaragua cigars

Cheap Date Night Event Details

Introducing the first Cheap Date Night event on Cigar Dojo! As the name suggests, this is the epitome of a “Joe 6-Pack event”, the “anti-aficionado”, if you will… Because any prideful Dojo member knows quality doesn’t have to come with an exaggerated price tag!

Things you may find at Cheap Date Night on Cigar Dojo:

  • Cigars under $10
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
  • Cigars under $5
  • Bourbon under $30
  • McDonald’s french fries
  • Movies on Netflix
  • Lack of pants…

So whether or not you have a date to accompany you, allow the Dojo to treat you on this special occasion.

The event is scheduled for this Friday, June 26th, at 7pm Eastern time. So mark the date off on your calendar, grab a few tried-n’-true ‘gars, and make sure to join us for the 1st ever Cheap Date Night on Cigar Dojo.

On the night of the event, fire up your Dojo cigar app and join the fun.

We’ll be giving away prizes live on the Dojo, as well as a special edition of Smoke Night Live, featuring our own “cheap date”, Seth Geise of Seth’s Humidor (@SethsHumidor).

Smoke Night Live will begin at the usual time of 9pm Eastern Time

Event starts at 7pm Eastern Time

No worries if you’re on the west coast and things are starting too early for you. Just join us when you can!

Maya Selva Cigar Giveaway

Maya Selva cigar giveaway

This week’s event will be sponsored by Maya Selva Cigars!

Each night leading up to the event will feature a new Flash Contest cigar giveaway, featuring the Villa Zamorano by Maya Selva.

This is not to say Maya Selva makes “cheap” cigars, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Maya Selva is most well-known in the European market, ranking #3 in cigar sales (and you know Cubans are #1…). Now, Maya Selva is making their way into the American market and would like to share some of their cigars with the Cigar Dojo community!

Maya’s brands are often classified in the upper-premium market, although the Villa Zamorano showcases a more affordable offering.

This hand-made long leaf cigar offers a full, expressive taste with notes of roasted coffee. A brand created in 2002 by Maya Selva. Hand-made cigar with very good tobacco, at a convenient price. Each cigar smoker can enjoy the luxury of a real smoke.Maya Selva Cigars
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
  • Cigar Wars
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