We’ve been doing our Virtual HERFs for a good 2 years now, usually consisting of gathering the entire Dojo community together, all to smoke a single brand or cigar. But for this event, we’ve decided to spice things up a bit, dust off the cobwebs, and get the Dojo community out and into the local B&M’s and lounges across the country!

Not only will this be a great night to support local business, but we will also show our local communities the power of the Dojo!

Dojo Night Out Details

Normally, a good Virtual HERF requires a little bit of work on the user’s end – tracking down a particular smoke and more importantly, finding a way to get it in time for the event! This week, all you need is find a place to smoke. We’re encouraging Dojo members to reach out and find other smokers and Dojo members to join them for this fun night out! Remember our motto, never smoke alone!

The event is scheduled for this Friday, April 17th, at 7pm Eastern time. So mark the date off on your calendar, grab a few smoking buddies, and make sure to join us for the 1st ever Dojo Night Out.

But of course, even if you can’t find any smoking buddies to join you, you have the entire Dojo community at your side! On the night of the event, fire up your Dojo cigar app, check in to your location, and join the fun. We’d like to set a record for cigar shop check-ins in one night!

We’ll be giving away prizes live on the Dojo, so don’t forget your phone at home!

Event starts at 7pm Eastern Time

No worries if you’re on the west coast and things are starting too early for you. Just join us when you can!

Event sponsors include:

Punch Cigars

Punch is one of the oldest and most recognized cigar brands in the world, they have recently released a new cigar that has people excited – Punch Signature. This is a really cool throwback to the original Punch blend, featuring tobaccos of the same variety and flavor profile. For this special event, Punch is giving you the chance to try this exciting new cigar, with a Dojo giveaway that’s not to be missed!

Punch Cigars logo

  • Steve Saka Cigars
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