It’s been awhile since our last Global HERF Dojo, in fact, some of you may have no clue what that is! Sometimes referred to as our Global Herf, sometimes the Virtual Herf, sometimes it’s simply Smoke Night – they all mean the same thing! We’re calling on every Dojo member to set aside one night and smoke together – can you imagine nearly 40,000 people all Herfing at the same time?! Okay so we probably won’t get every member in Dojo history, but we like to make this thing big, the more the merrier! (Am I using too many exclamation points?)

Craft Beer Night

Typically, we reserve our special Smoke Night events for a particular cigar brand, bringing the entire Dojo army together to enjoy the same cigars at the same time (pretty cool, we know). But we’ve decided to switch things up a bit and focus on one of our favorite cousins to the cigar world – the craft beer world!

Here’s the skinny – On Friday, March 6th, at 7pm (EST) we are hosting Craft Beer Night on the Cigar Dojo app. Here’s what we need from you – go out and find yourself some craft beer for the event. What we’re looking for is new, interesting, crazy, goofy, rare, regional, and anything else you may consider an uncommon beer. E.g. try to avoid beers like Budweiser and Coors (obviously), or even more common “craft” beers like Fat Tire and Sam Adams, it’s time to bust out the weird stuff! Of course we also want to see y’all smoking, grab a few cigars you think will pair best with your beer.

On the night of the event, simply get on the Dojo and share your craft beer and stogie pairings, sit back, and enjoy the company of thousands of like-minded, virtual, Dojo-ites: all doing the same thing!

  • Atlantic Cigar Sale
  • Joya de Nicaragua cigars

We’ll be giving away prizes live on the Dojo, so go get your beer and your cigar and join us for what’s sure to be one of the craziest nights on the Dojo to date…

Don’t drink? No problem! Just be sure to grab a special craft soda, craft Kombucha, coffee, or anything else “craft”. No excuses!

Event starts at 7pm Eastern Time

No worries if you’re on the west coast and things are starting too early for you. Just join us when you can!

Use #CraftBeerNight

Event sponsors include:

Quesada Cigars

Quesada is known for their involvement in the craft beer scene, creating cigars like Oktoberfest and the new Quesada Keg that are blended to pair with craft beers.

Quesada Cigars logo

Dry Dock Brewing

Dry Dock is a nationally recognized craft brewery, they are local to the Cigar Dojo headquarters and will be providing multiple prizes for the event!

Dry Dock Brewing logo

  • Cigar Wars
  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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