NOTE: Unfortunately there was a serious technical malfunction that didn’t allow Juan Cancel, Cuban Assassin, and the rest of the guests to broadcast a LIVE show. The Dojo staff apologizes for the technical difficulties.

And while we were not able to complete the LIVE show we did grab some video from the event for you to enjoy.

And below is the LIVE show we aired when technical issues prevented us from airing LIVE from the event. We apologize in advance. 😉

And finally, here is the description as to what the show was supposed to be all about…

Get ready for the wildest LIVE cigar show ever attempted by humankind! Join Master Sensei, Juan Cancel, and the Cuban Assassin as they broadcast LIVE from the Port Authority Police Hispanic Society Cigar Night Out Charity Fundraiser.

On this show, we will attempt a death defying world-record: interview OVER 25 cigar celebrity guests live! This edition of Smoke Night LIVE will either go down in history as the greatest live cigar show of all-time… or the biggest train wreck ever. Either way, you are going to want to tune in.

The list of scheduled guests include…

  • Jonathan Drew – Drew Estate
  • Willy Herrera – Drew Estate
  • Shorty Rossi – Diesel Cigars
  • Michael Herklots – Nat Sherman
  • Erik Espinosa – Espinosa Cigars
  • Eddie Ortega – Ortega Cigars
  • Danny Moya – Moya Ruiz Cigars
  • Tom Lazuka – Asylum Cigars
  • Mariah Ditkowich – La Sirena Cigars
  • Arby Sosa – SOSA Cigars
  • Robert Arango – Arandoza Cigars
  • Dean Parsons – Epic Cigars
  • Gabriel Alvarez – Maya Selva Cigars
  • Grace Sotolongo – Sotolongo Cigars
  • Scott De La Pena – Hermosa
  • Juan Lopez – Gurkha
  • Willie Flores – Hoya De Flores
  • Felix Mesa – El Galan
  • Yadi Gonzales – Flor De Gonzales
  • Antonio Lam – Reinado Cigars
  • Berta Bravo the Guayabera Lady
  • Jason Holly – Viva Republic
  • Rene Castaneda Orleans Group and C&C Cigars
  • Philip Zanghi – Debonaire Cigars
  • Sean Williams – Premer Mundo
  • Ruth Baptista with Capadura Cigars
  • Diogenes Aguasviva – Headline Cigars

This episode will air Thursday, September 4th at 7:30PM Eastern – 4:30PM Pacific time. The show will be 60 to 120 minutes long and you can watch it right here on this page as soon as the feed goes live. You can also participate on the Dojo app during the show

To ask questions that might be answered on the show, simply post your question on the Dojo cigar app and include the hashtag #askSensei



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