Get ready DOJONATION Friday night is Smoke Night! Smoke Night LIVE is the late night live video show brought to you by the Cigar Dojo.

This episode will air Friday February 21st at 9PM Eastern – 6PM  Pacific time. The show will be about 60 minutes long and you can watch it right here on this page as soon as the feed goes live. You can also participate on the Dojo app during the show.

THIS WEEKS GUESTS: Meatfinger, Maxxrocket, Doctor Kyle and James Hearndon! On the show Master Sensei and his guests will be smoking a cigar they have never tried before which can be a risky thing to do on a LIVE show. We encourage everyone to try a new cigar Friday night. You can interact with Smoke Night LIVE on the Dojo app as we will be mentioning some of your posts on the show.

To ask questions that might be answered on the show simply post your question on the Dojo app and include the hashtag #asksensei (you can also submit questions for the show guests just use the same hashtag #asksensei)

Smoke Night Live


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