Ever since the Cigar Dojo was created just over a year ago the most requested feature from the Dojo community was to have notifications. I.e., users want to be notified when somebody comments on their post or likes their post etc. Well after much effort the notification system is here. Yep that’s right folks now you can get a push notification on your phone when…

  • Any of your friends make a post
  • Anyone comments on a post you have made
  • Anyone likes a post you have made
  • When another user requests you as a friend

You also have the ability to turn off push notifications for any of these items in the notifications center settings. If you choose to turn off specific push notifications the notification center will still keep track of all activity should you choose to view it later.

While the new notifications system is still in beta testing it is more than ready for use and we recommend that you update your Cigar Dojo app today in iTunes or Google Play and start taking advantage of the new system.

Note: If you have updated your app and are not receiving push notifications make sure you have not turned that feature off in your applications manager.

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The new system works like this…

When a push notification arrives you can view it or dismiss it. Even if you dismiss the notification it will be available in the notifications center for later reference.

To view ALL past notification activity click on the Notifications menu item in the Dojo app.

From inside the notifications center click any item to be connected to that post in the timeline. To adjust notification settings click the "settings" button in the upper right corner.

Click on or off the push notifications you would like to receive. Keep in mind even by turning settings off you will still see ALL activity in the notifications center, however your phone will not buzz or pop-up a notification.

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