The list of winners are as follows:

12th Day of Christmas Winner: Baze14
11th Day of Christmas Winner: Brandonsr81
10th Day of Christmas Winner: Stogiegregg
9th Day of Christmas Winner: jklavins
8th Day of Christmas Winner: Christophermiles
7th Day of Christmas Winner: jgarza_33
6th Day of Christmas Winner: jdmitch
5th Day of Christmas Winner: Bennyceez
4th Day of Christmas Winner: charlesgreen
3rd Day of Christmas Winner: Jason Hearns
2nd Day of Christmas Winner: Michael Constantine Jr
1st Day of Christmas Winner: Salvatore Cucinella

Here’s how the winners were picked…

  • Atlantic Cigar Sale

Yes folks it’s that time of year again – when we have a special cigar giveaway that involves gifts donated by you, the Cigar Dojo community! This year’s 12 Days of Christmas will be a little different than last year’s giveaway, so make sure to read these instructions closely! Basically it works like this… to enter you must send us cigars you want us to give away. Every cigar you send in is worth 1 entry point*. The Dojo staff will collect all the entries and pick a random winner from those entries every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day.

It’s more fun to give than to receive, yet with the 12 Days of Cigars & Christmas you have the chance at both!

– Send us cigars to add to the prize pool.
– Each cigar you send is worth one entry.
– 12 different winners will be picked at random from those entries.
– Prizes will get larger in the final days of the contest.

Cigar Dojo 12 Days Giveaway
2679 S. Kline Circle
Lakewood CO 80227

(Make sure to include a note that states who you are – Real Name and Dojo username – and that the package is intended for the 12 Days Contest)

Entries MUST be received by December 16th. Entries received after December 16th will not be counted as entries. (you snooze, you lose)

Winners will be picked at random as a lottery based on the entries we receive. One winner will be picked every day from December 14th until Christmas Day, December 25th.

Every cigar you send equals one entry into the contest UNLESS the cigar is crappy, then the Dojo staff will award it only partial value. For instance, if you send in 20 crappy bundled sticks, we will determine their value as being worth .5 or .25 (or whatever) depending on how crappy they are. Bottom-line is… don’t try to get extra entries by sending in cheap, gross sticks that nobody would want to smoke. We will be posting the entries and their value here in this thread so everyone will know what the prizes are and how many entries everyone has.

How many cigars should you send? That’s entirely up to you! Send one cigar and be entered once into the contest. Send a 5-pack and have 5 entries. Heck you can send in a 100 cigars if you REALLY want a good chance at winning.

Yes, you can send in other items such as lighters and cutters etc. These will be awarded a number of entries based on quality. The highest value an item can have is 5 entry points. The Dojo staff will make the determination of how much each non-cigar item might be worth. Used items will not be counted nor added to the prize vault, nor will they be returned. Please do NOT send in HUGE items such as heavy ash trays etc. We need to keep our postal fees under control. The Dojo reserves the right to NOT include any item for any reason into the contest giveaway.

Your odds of winning depend entirely on how many people enter and how many entries there are total. You CANNOT win if you do not enter. There will be a total of 12 winners. If you are worried about not winning then you SHOULD NOT enter. 🙂

The more cigars you send in… the better your odds of winning are.


Contest presented by Estimated retail value of prizes $50.00 to $150. No substitution, transfer, or cash equivalent of prizes by any winner. No purchase necessary. Winners MUST email their name and shipping address to Must be 21 or older to participate. Odds of winning depend on number of customer entries, winners picked at random contestants may have multiple entries. Taxes and fees, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of are ineligible. This contest is void where prohibited by law and subject to local, state and federal law. Only original images or original compositions will be considered in the final selections. We are not responsible for prizes that may become lost or damaged during shipping. Many will enter, few will win. There will be no duplicate winners, if you win you are done, you cannot win twice.


The Cigar Dojo with the help of Espinosa Cigars and D’Crossier Cigars is adding a box of Espinosa Maduros and a Box of D’Crossier Presidential Series Cigars.

  1. Cheeks sent 20 Cigars and now has 20 Entries into the contest.
  2. Stogiegregg sent 7 cigars and now has 7 entires into the contest.
  3. Bigal88888 sent in 15 cigars and now has 15 entries into the contest.
  4. Chef_Dom sent in a box of 25 cigars and now has 10 Entries into the contest.
  5. jdmitch sent in  10 solid cigars, 1 lighter, 2 cutters, 1 travel humidor, 1 metal cigar case, 1 stinky ash tray, and a bottle of beer – good for 30 entries into the contest.
  6. Brandonsr81 sent 15 cigars and a sweet Tatuaje shirt. A couple cigars only received partial points but the shirt made up the difference therefore Brandon has 15 entries into the contest.
  7. charlesgreen sent in 7 solid cigars and now has 7 entries in the contest.
  8. jgarza_33 sent in 14 solid cigars and now has 14 entries in the contest.
  9. Jaelipp sent in a Erik Espinosa signed box of 10 601 La Bomba Atoms and has 10 entries into the contest.
  10. VodkaRocks sent in 28 cigars and has been awarded 17 entries into the contest.
  11. Bridgeburner633 sent in 22 cigars and has been awarded 22 entries into the contest.
  12. ufrich sent in 11 cigars and a bundle of cedar spills and now has 14 entries into the contest.
  13. Jason Hearns sent in 43 cigars and now has 40 entries into the contest.
  14. Baze14 sent in 20 cigars and now has 20 entries into the contest.
  15. Michael Constantine Jr. sent in 10 cigars and now has 10 entries into the contest.
  16. Melvin R sent in 5 cigars and a cool cigar holder and now has 6 entries into the contest.
  17. Salvatore Cucinella sent in 10 cigars and a travel humidor and now has 12 entries into the contest.
  18. phi2100gaa sent in 25 cigars and now has 25 entries into the contest.
  19. JLat sent 23 Cigars, 5 cutters, 2 Lighters with Butane, 3 ash trays and now has 40 entries into the contest.
  20. Bennyceez sent 5 cigars and now has 5 entries into the contest.
  21. jklavins sent in 12 cigars and now has 12 entries into the contest.
  22. Christophermiles sent in 10 cigars and a bonus and now has 14 entries into the contest.
  23. Giggles sent in 9 cigars and now has 9 entries into the contest.

BONUS PRIZES! 1 Box of 20 Espinosa Maduro Robusto and 1 box of 12 D’Crossier Diplomacy Series Robusto.

Bonus prizes will be added to the final days of the contest.


  • 356 Cigars (not including the Dojo bonus)
  • 1 Tatuaje Shirt
  • 4 Ash Tray
  • 3 lighter
  • 7 cutters
  • 2 Travel Humidor
  • Bundle of cedar spills


  • Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
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