First there was Frankenstein, a monster as horrific the world had ever seen. Then there was Bride of Frankenstein, a lesser-known creature and a companion for our monster. The two eventually moved into a small ranch home with a nice yard and Frankenweenie followed close behind. Naturally, Mr. “Stein” wanted a son to carry on the family name, thus Frank Jr. was born! The two would go on to form a family business rolling fine, hand-rolled, Nicaraguan cigars – the end…

Now that you’ve suffered through my ridiculous take on the origin of Frank Jr., let me provide a few non-fictional tidbits on this innovative series. Tatuaje originally released “The Frank” in 2008, just in time for Halloween. The line was such a hit, Tatuaje made the “Monster Series” an annual tradition! 4 years (and monsters) later, and it’s time for a little reunion. For those that missed out on these limited releases, Tatuaje’s Little Monsters series features two miniature-sized vitolas of each “monster” from years past; all bundled in one strikingly bright, orange box!

Tatuaje Little Monsters Frank Jr. review

After painstakingly tracking down a box of these rare little guys, I have every intention of reviewing each cigar in the Little Monsters series, starting with the original: Frank Jr. This miniature Frank features the same blend and box-press shape as it’s elder, with a smaller, 5 5/8 x 44 corona size. The band is a simple green, bearing the Tatuaje name through the center. Its color is really the only way to determine this is indeed the Frank Jr, a very understated band.

Cutting little Frank’s head off, I get a clean draw and sweet fruit smell. The first flavors are very nutty with a sweet note on the back of my tongue. I am glad to find tons of white smoke billowing from such a small cigar. I also get sweet tobacco flavors and a very peppery retrohale, a complex stick to say the least.

Tatuaje Frank Jr. Corona

Two-thirds of the way into Jr. and a very dark chocolate flavor seems to be absorbing the flavor profile of the cigar, I’d say it’s like biting into a 99% dark chocolate bar! A tiny bit of caramel creeps its way into the mix and lil’ Frank is starting to resemble my favorite candy bar (Twix, mmm…). The flavors are long and satisfying, lingering on the back of the tongue long after the smoke is gone. While being full in favor, Frank Jr. is lighter on the strength; I’d say medium body, which is fine by me, with plenty of flavor to keep me company.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
I would love to! So long as I can get my hands on one, this is one of those sets that you have to be lucky to find, and you’d better snap it up when you do. A box of 10 usually sells for $75, setting each stick at $7.50 a piece. For such small cigars, this is a price I would only pay for something truly different/tasty. Here’s to hoping there’s a sequel to this franchise!

Tatuaje Frank Jr.
Lots of great complex flavors make the Tatuaje Frank Jr. a great cigar if you can find it.
  • Complex flavors
  • Long and Satisfying Flavor
  • Wavy burn
  • Rare
90%Scary Good
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