And now for something completely different! One of the pitfalls of having a cigar review blog is that you sample so many different cigars that at times you can become numb to the flavors and the fun of smoking. It’s as if one cigar blends into another cigar and so on. Yet occasionally something comes along that is different, unique, and really grabs your attention. Such is the case with the new Liga Privada Papas Fritas cigar produced by Drew Estate.

Here’s the idea behind these little gems, imagine a factory filled with workers all producing as many Liga Privada cigars that they possibly can and in the process creating mounds of scrap tobacco (delicious, delicious, scrap tobacco). Well don’t let that leftover world class tobacco go to waste! Find a way to let us cigar fanatics enjoy those tasty table scraps and that’s just what the fine folks at Drew Estate have done, created a little cigar from the best table scraps in the business.

The Papas Fritas is a small 4.5 inch cigar with a 44 ring gauge wrapped in gorgeous Connecticut Broadleaf around a Brazilian Mata Fina binder holding together the luscious Liga short filler. The Papas Fritas comes in really cool tins containing 4 cigars each that are all adorned with a very short pig tail. Some folks might think that $24 for a tin of 4 short filler cigars is expensive but the truth is these are some of the best little cigars you will ever smoke so personally I find the price reasonable.

Papas Fritas cigar review and rating

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Upon cutting and toasting you will be happy with the draw and right off the bat you might exclaim “WOW! This is good!” A wave of flavor will rush through your mouth in a cloud of thick “chewy” smoke  so much so that you might have to keep reminding yourself that this is a small short filler cigar. The flavors are strong and pronounced and they might have you thinking of cocoa and toasted marshmallows. The strong campfire flavors are also paired with a nice warm spice which is very much like you might experience with other Liga cigars. As we reach the end of the Papas Fritas a very rich leathery and aged tobacco flavor with a finish of molasses rounded out a super tasty smoke.

Papas Fritas cigar review

Nothing about this cigar let me down. The burn was perfect, the ash was white, and the flavors stayed delicious until the very end. I found the Papas Fritas to be full bodied and for me the strength was on the high side making for a completely satisfying 45 minute smoke. The deep rich flavors of the Liga Privada Papas Fritas places this new cigar firmly in the best releases of 2012.

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Yes I would smoke the Papas Fritas cigar again! This is the PERFECT short smoke and it blows away any other small cigar I have ever smoked. If you are looking for a short smoke to “fill in the gaps” grab yourself a tin of these gems from Drew Estate.

Liga Privada Papas Fritas
Big cigar flavor in a little package. The only downside at all is they tend to get a bit harsh near the finish.
  • Huge flavor
  • Perfect for a time crunch smoke
  • Tons of smoke
  • High price
  • Minor harshness at finish
89%Great Small Cigar
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